Post #39, December 30, 2019: The Let the Sun Talk Post

Let the Sun Talk is the first project from North Carolina rapper MAVI. This is my first real listen to MAVI, I had seen a snippet of one of his songs which is on this album it caught me by surprise, it was so attention grabbing and made me check him out, I liked this album so much that I had to come back to this and do a review on it, I have been seeing this album on many peoples best albums of 2019 lists. Lets see what I think.

Let the Sun Talk by MAVI

Let the Sun Talk is full of very gritty and amateur but at the same time very sophisticated production, lyricism that can be considered as poetry, a tone of voice from MAVI that resembles a young Earl Sweatshirt, and more. This 32 minute album is full of a wide arrange of topics that will open your mind and enter their way into your mind and get you thinking differently about life. Right off the bat from “Eye/I and I/Nation” he is here to do one thing and that is rap, actually rap, and he does a fantastic job at it also, there is something very special that he is doing in this song and that is his rhyme scheme, when you listen to it he is rhyming every other word together which reminds me so much of Kendrick Lamars verse on the “That Part (Black Hippie Version”. MAVI is extremely talented and has so much potential to be a lead lyricist of this generation. In the majority of these tracks there is a strong presence of jazz influence thriving through them, some have dark energies flowing through them which make them thrive or a smooth jazz/ funk driven element to it mixed with MAVI’s style of rapping which is borderline poetry, on “Ghost (In the Shell)” he raps with such emotion about certain family experiences he has been through and how he had to deal with them almost like it is haunting him to this day hence the title of the track, this is one of the more powerful tracks on this album in my opinion. Hands down my favorite song on this album, “Love, Of Money”, the song that caught my attention initially, this track has such a smooth beat that incorporates such a lovely guitar that makes it so infectious, this is the first track so far where he incorporates some sort of melody which I think he should do more often because it is quite nice, he mainly raps about times with him and his friends not really having many cares while living and enjoying life but I hate how short this track is, its too good to be just over a minute. I genuinely love how artistic he is with his music, he uses his voice and his words to portray such emotion, “Chiasma” has such emotion behind it and it is so easy to empathize with him especially on this track, the slowed down beat really fits well with the words that he raps and the pain he has towards the experiences he has had with his family. I genuinely love and appreciate every single track on here, I wish I discovered him and this album sooner because this would have made my list of the best albums I’ve listened to this year, but that doesn’t mean next year won’t be greta for him because I am super excited to see what comes next for MAVI.

One thing that I want to touch up on is the cover art, it gives me strong feelings of a Van Gogh painting and that makes me appreciate him even more as an artist because there is a difference between a rapper and an artist, MAVI is an artist in my book because he isn’t using this music and this genre for entertainment as his main priority but he is using it for art and to express himself which is what more people need to do because this is a very creative individual that needs more attention in my opinion.

Thank you for being here for this quick post on Let the Sun Talk, I love this album and will strongly rate it a high 9/10, the one thing I don’t like is that on some tracks its hard to hear him because the beat is very loud and it throws me off but besides that it is perfect and a very relaxing album. Again, thank you for being here for these posts, don’t forget to like, comment, and follow, if you haven’t followed yet then do yourself favor and follow.

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