Post #38, December 29, 2019: The Jesus Is Born Post

Initially I wasn’t going to do a post on Kanye’s Sunday Service Choirs album titled Jesus Is Born because I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I was going to but I decided I was going to just g over the highlights that I thought made the album good and also talk about the meanings and how I relate to it all. Lets not waste any time.

Jesus Is Born by Sunday Service Choir

I had very low expectations for the release of this album since it is Kanye. Kanye is notorious for having delays on his album releases so I was very surprised and excited when I saw that Jesus Is Born was released on Christmas like it was promised back when JESUS IS KING was released. I don’t really have any negative thoughts on this project except some songs that just don’t hit with me, thats really all the complaints I have on this album but that why instead of listing the negatives about this album I will list what my positives are and how it has set with me since its release.

The song “Revelation 19:1” is one of my favorite songs because it is almost like the gospel version of “Selah” which was on JESUS IS KING, its more gospel than its original version, I really like how they expanded the “The Lord our God, he is wonderful” because this is what made me love “Selah” and the build up which this song also has, some of the influences are there from “Selah” and it is very apparent and strong with the faith, its an amazing track. “Father Stretch” is also another one of my favorites because its almost like a gospel version of “Father Stretch my Hands Pt.1” off of The Life of Pablo, now, Kanye did mention how he would alter some of his biggest songs so they would be more fitting in a choir setting and this is what I imagined he would do, I love this song and once again, it is very strong in the faith and extrudes such a positive energy. I’ve seen a reoccurring theme so far with recycled bits and pieces of songs that Kanye wanted to be gospel but didn’t end up how he wanted, my next example is “Ultralight Beam” off this album, this version is the actual gospel version and not the “gospel” Kanye tried to do back in 2016 with the version featuring Chance the Rapper, this version is definitely more theatrical and personal because it sticks to what its intentions were which was to be a gospel track and not Ye’s take on gospel, so yea 10/10 for these 3 tracks I just talked about. For the most part I genuinely like all these songs on Jesus Is Born, but I do like some more than others, “Count Your Blessing” is a very strong opener to this album and totally sets the tone for what we will get for the next hour and 20 minutes. “Follow Me-Faith” is a clear and uncanny gospel version of “Fade” from The Life of Pablo but the very subtle instrumentation on this track makes this everything, the choirs voices over the beat is what makes me enjoy this even more honestly, you can just hear the passion in every persons voice and that makes this such a strong and energetic track which I love dearly, I might even say that I prefer this over “Fade”. “Souls Anchored” sounds very familiar but I can’t put my finger on it, I love the slow undertone the beat has mixed into the choir doing their thing, it is a very smooth track and I just cant get over the hook, it sounds so familiar to me, its probably another song of Kanye’s but as a gospel song. One of the biggest stand out tracks on here is without a doubt “Paradise”, to me, it is a very stand out track because of the message it portrays, I can explain it honestly because its one of those things that you have to experience on your own, it is a very emotional track and sentimental track to me but that is my opinion. Now just like “Count Your Blessings” being a very good opener to the album and definitely setting the tone for everything else “Total Praise” closes us out for our quick trip to Kanye’s Sunday Service in a spectacular way, not with production, or anything flashy but with simplicity and subtleness, the only thing this track really consists of is just an increase in the choirs pitch throughout the duration of the song and by the end of the song you are in awe with the raw talent you are hearing, spectacular way to finish an album.

I think when JESUS IS KING was released that everyone was questioning Kanye to see if he was serious, then when he mentioned the release of this album it was sort of like a stamp of approval that he was serious about christianity. This is a great thing to me because I myself am christian and am proud of it, i’ve lived my life as a christian and received my good amount of judgement for holding that title with such pride, this album is important along with JESUS IS KING because it is allowing the image of christianity to flow through one of the biggest artists to ever do it, Kanye West, this religion isn’t payed attention to seriously in the mainstream point of view and for Kanye to accept it and embrace it with open arms is such an image to see, its great. I would love to see more of this from Kanye and I would also love to see him follow this path in his life because it is a path to nothing but good things and endless amounts of blessings when practiced correctly. I understand not everyone is christian so I will stop this part of my review but if anyone would want to talk about it personally then follow my socials or comment and I will be more than happy to discuss this album, any piece of music, or about any topic.

I personally don’t want to give this a rating not because I think its not deserving of a rating but because I don’t think it is my place to rate an album so in depth in gods word, a personal preference but just know I think its very good. Thank you all for being here for these post, I enjoy making them so so so much and I cant wait to see what happens in 2020, I will go hard with posts all 2020 just watch. Like, follow, comment and share this with someone who’d enjoy it.

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