Post #37, December 28, 2019: The JACKBOYS Post

Todays post is a very special post for me because it is about the highly anticipated JACKBOYS album, the collective album contains the artists from the Cactus Jack label that Travis Scott created just a few years ago and those artists are Travis himself, Don Toliver, Sheck Wes, Chase B, & Luxury Tax who is a new signee I believe, also with features from Young Thug, Quavo, Offset, & Pop Smoke. This 7 song album may be short in time but is full of surprises, I definitely have a lot to say about this album so lets get into this right now.


So to start this post off I am going to make it clear that Travis Scott is my favorite artist probably of all time and I always love anything he does but I am not going to have that opinion get in the way of my final opinion of this album. I will start off praising what I love about it and then move into my complaints because I feel that there are a lot of those. Like I said this is a highly anticipated album from Travis and his Cactus Jack label including Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Chase B who is more of a DJ/Producer than a rapper but he is still signed to the label as one of those, and a new artist named Luxury Tax who we hear some of on “GANG GANG”. We start this album off with a remix of Travis’ first number one single that was by himself, no one else on the song, just him, “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM”, this remix includes many things like a lovely addition by ROSALIA who’s singling is very hypnotizing in my opinion. I love what I heard from her and I am curious to see what other music she makes because this was my first encounter from her so I may go and listen to her own music and towards the end of the song we get Lil Baby’s verse and I think it fits in just nicely but when I heard that he was going to be on the song from a snippet months ago I didn’t know how i’d like it, turns out I like it, and one other thing that I really love is that they did what most remixes fail to do which is that most remixes add other artists and call it a day but at the very end of this track where the beat changes to this beautiful plethora of synths and piano keys it has more added to it unlike the original track where it just stops at one point, this version was altered to keep going, this is a very small detail but a very important detail because it tells me that remixes are special to Travis and aren’t just whatever also when he remixes a song he makes it his own and changes it more than he has to in a good way. “GANG GANG” opened my eyes a little bit because it is a song with all the Cactus Jack signees, this is the most important song on this album because we get to see and hear first hand just how well they all work together and sound together, I am not disappointed at all because this is one of my favorite tracks, Sheck comes in like he normally does which is with energy all the time, Don has such an infection melody all the time which adds so much to the track, Travis does his thing as always but lets the new guys shine more on this track, I like to think that this album is more so for the new guys to shine, and Luxury Tax puts in a good verse for his first major appearance to the public, they all work and flow so effortlessly which is good to see with all of them. Now one thing that I love about this album is the amount of time Don Toliver is given to do his thing, he is on 3/7 tracks which is a lot for what we have, “HAD ENOUGH (feat Quavo & Offset)” & “WHAT TO DO? (feat. Don Toliver)” are the two songs where Don has the most time to shine and he takes advantage of that short amount of time to make something great, these are the two slower songs of the album but have the most impact towards Don, because at the end of the day he is a very new artist so any time for him on this album is good time and great exposure. I am also in love with the guitar at the end of “WHAT TO DO? (feat. Don Toliver)”. This leads me into my next point, the production is top their as always, I don’t know the credits yet and who produced what but I know a Mike Dean produced track when I hear one and he has his name written all over this, great production as always. “OUT WEST (feat. Young Thug)” is the Travis and Thugger collaboration that I think we all needed, we all knew that they were great collaborators ever since the Days Before Rodeo days with “Mamacita” and Skyfall” being classics in my opinion. Travis obviously has his hands all over this project which is typical because he is obviously orchestrating this all, I am very happy with what we got here but I am also very disappointed, this leads me into the next part of this review, the complaints.

I would definitely say that I have a lot of complaints starting with the amount of tracks. The trackless apparently got leaked and showed 20 something songs with amazing features and goes to 7 songs with one of them being a remix and another being an introduction track. When I had seen this I was very frustrated because unlike the Dreamville label album we got 18 songs, the Quality Control label albums were 30 and 36 songs, and the Cactus Jack label album was 7. I hope you all can see where my main problem is. Another thing I don’t understand is that Sheck Wes was getting a lot of hate for his verse, some saying that it was bad, I personally loved it and think highly of Sheck Wes, I would call myself a fan, but I hate how this is a label album but he is only on one song, where is the exposure for these new artists? Luxury Tax should have been brought out better than this, Sheck should have gotten more time, Don got the perfect amount of exposure, I am very happy with Don Toliver’s performance on this album. One thing that crossed my mind that became a problem to me was the lack of track but also the tracks that could have been on here that would make this better honestly, “No Idea” by Don Toliver, “MAYDAY” with Chase B, Sheck Wes, and Young Thug, “Cant Feel my Legs” by Don Tolier, “YKTS” by Sheck Wes, the unreleased “Cardigan” by Don. Toliver which was teased in the “Look Mom I Can Fly” Netflix documentary which is a song that I was highly anticipating, and “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” which I knew was going to be on here, and it was but in the form of a remix, these are all songs that I wish were on here that didn’t make the cut sadly. I have a lot of complaints but at the same time, why would Travis do this? all of Travis’s projects are good in length, I genuinely think that this isn’t the only JACKBOYS album we will get, I think this will be series of albums, 7 songs doesn’t seem like something Travis would do unless he had a bigger picture behind the scene. I love Travis and his music so much, it has helped me through a lot as well, I love Cactus Jack, what they have going on over there and what they stand for is everything to me but if these new artists aren’t getting the exposure they deserve then whats the point of signing them because you always see the situation between artists and labels like Desiigner for example, didn’t get the support from G.O.O.D. Music and ended up hating it and wasn’t allowed to put music out which in turn ruined his career. I get that its business but they are artists and need to release good content, but, if everything goes well over there at Cactus Jack I know that they all will succeed because they are with Travis, he will always be on top because he knows how to stay relevant, if they stick with Cactus Jack and Travis then they will all get more successful and then some in my opinion. I know Travis and I know that he wouldn’t just drop a 7 song album and that be it, I definitely feel that there is a bigger picture to this but it will come later.

I love what we got, it could have been so much more though, I am very disappointed with what we got but I genuinely think that Travis has something bigger up his sleeve and will roll it out in 2020, but besides that, the features are fantastic, Don Toliver shines super hard on this album and made me realize that he may be the king of harmonies going into 2020, the signees do their thing and make themselves known, the production is top tier as always, the roll out was amazing, and the most important thing to me is that all the acts here work so well together and all have so much chemistry together. This is a great album, for what it is.

Thank you for being here for this post, the last major album of 2019, a good way to end 2019 in my opinion. I appreciate all of you that come here and read these post, 2020 is ours and I can feel it. Don’t forget to like this, comment what you think about this album and follow if you advent yet, you’re missing great content if you aren’t followed, just saying, so do yourself a favor and follow.


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