Post #36, December 25, 2019: The East Atlanta Santa 3 Post

Merry Christmas to all of you!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and all that came with it, if you are celebrating other holidays then I hope all goes well with those, but, no days off over here. Gucci Mane is back with another album titled East Atlanta Santa 3 which upon its announcement I was very excited because I enjoy Gucci for the most part, but the funniest thing about this is that when I found out I uttered the words “are you serious?” because we just got done with the review of Woptober II a few months ago and Delusions of Grandeur earlier this year so this will be his 3rd full length album this year, Gucci is always consistent, a lot would say too consistent but lets see what I think about this album.

East Atlanta Santa 3 by Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane has been all over the place this year, well to be fair he is all over the place every year, Gucci Mane is the most consistent artist I have ever heard of honestly, he actually admitted his process in an interview which is basically him making music and if he likes it he releases it, nothing more and nothing less, when Gucci makes a track he really enjoys he said that he wants to put it out immediately because he wants the world to enjoy what he enjoys which I think is a great way of doing it. Gucci has a plethora of albums, mixtapes, and collaborative tapes, so much work for so many people to appreciate and he continues to add to it which is great because this is how his music will become timeless, kids and adults from every decade will find his music and appreciate it. Gucci has made himself one of the most influential acts to come out of Atlanta in my opinion. Enough about Gucci Mane and more about East Atlanta Santa 3.

The ratio of songs I like to songs I dislike is 9:16 which isn’t that good, I like just over half of the songs so that right there already puts it at a fairly low rating but the songs I like really pick up the slack for the lack luster songs like “More”, “Dirty Dancer”, “Snow”, “Time Flies By”, and “Slide (feat. Quavo)” which are just a few of my least favorite songs on this album. Now I will just talk about some of my favorite songs and why I feel that it is my favorite and I also want to talk about a few things I appreciate and don’t appreciate about the album then that will finish up this review. Starting off with “Jingle Bales Intro”, this is such a great way to start off a Christmas themed trap album, a little remix or his own personal take on the holiday classic “Jingle Bells”, the extremely gritty undertone of the baseline under the cheerful bells mixed with percussion and major keys on a piano really provides a dark tone to this track and also sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Mr. Wop” is probably the most creative song I’ve heard from Gucci Mane in a while, this is also a small take on a holiday classic, “You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch” by Thurl Ravenscroft is the clear inspiration behind this track “Mr. Wop” because we all obviously know the repetition and the theme of the original Grinch song which is listing all the bad qualities of the Grinch and on this song “Mr. Wop” the hook of the song goes over the bad qualities people would say about Gucci Mane such as “You’re not the same Gucci Mane from the block”, “You’re not the same to me Mr. Wop”, and “You’re the worst and you know it” all things people would say about Gucci are in this hook to resemble the bad qualities people would say about the Grinch so this is definitely a favorite from me because its super creative and also sounds very good. I really enjoy “Drummer (feat. Kranium)” although this is only a 2 minute song it is a very laidback song which resembles sounds that would usually come from Reggae music which is obviously the way he was planning to go on this song, the feature is very subtle but also very nice, it fits in greatly, the Reggae singer Kranium makes an amazing presence on this song which is one of the highlights of the whole album in my opinion. “She Misses Me (feat. Rich The Kid)” is a pretty nice track considering my love/hate relationship with Rich The Kids music (mainly hate) for once I can say that I don’t mind Rich The Kids presence on this album, it isn’t amazing but it also doesn’t suck, it fits in just right in my opinion, this track gives me vibes from the first track on this album so that is why I enjoy it so much, I love the dark baseline mixed in with the light bells throughout the track, not a bad feature from Rich either. The presence of bells is so prominent on this album, we continue this bell theme on “Brick Mason” a very short track from Gucci but has a dark sound to it that reminds me of songs from his Droptopwop album in 2017 which is my favorite Gucci Mane album. “Tony (feat. Quavo)” isn’t terrible either considering its feature, Quavo is my least favorite Migos for obvious reason and i’ll defend that opinion forever. Quavo makes an alright feature on this song though, he just really fits in to the overall theme of what the last 5 songs are, darker more subtle tracks, Quavo alongside Gucci dominates this track and makes a very good appearance which I am not disappointed in for once. The last 2 songs on the album “12 Days of Christmas” & “WWGD Outro” are very nice closers to this Christmas themed album, “12 Days of Christmas” is also another take on a holiday classic, this is such a nicely produced track, it has very churchy bells, and what sounds like a choir in the back ground of the percussion and the baseline, and “WWGD Outro” is a fun track to end this song which consists of him listing the things that Gucci would do and what a coward would do like “Stand up like a man” that is what Gucci would do and “Turn State, be a snitch” is what a coward would do.

I really enjoy the tracks that I talked about above, some of them are Gucci’s take on a holiday classic and some are just really good tracks that fit in to the whole aesthetic of the album. I really like most the features on this album, the ironic thing is that my least favorite artists make the best features on this album like Quavo and Rich The Kid. There are a few tracks that seem either unfinished or are just too short which makes me not like it all the much honestly but there is one thing that I can’t stop thinking about which I think is an error that wasn’t though out or was maybe left in on purpose, on the song “Time Flies By” before the song starts he says “evil genius” which I’m not sure if its a nod to his Evil Genius album from last year or a track that was supposed to be on there but didn’t make it, it isn that big of a deal but its those small details that make sit seem like he is being lazy and isn’t making original content for this album. Not much really stood out in a good way and a bad way, this wasn’t a terrible album but it also wasn’t the best album.

East Atlanta Santa 3 was a fun listen, gave me nostalgic feelings or old Christmas classics like “Jingle Bells” and “You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch”, songs like these, that resemble Christmas are what make this album good, its fun, lighthearted, not too serious, a good trap holiday album. I would rate this a solid 7/10, my original rating got changed through my listening process throughout the writing of this post. Thank you all for taking the time out of your Christmas Day to read my post, I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and continue to spend quality time with your family and get ready for the New Years, I have some special posts coming soon so be ready. Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow the page and also go ahead and share this with someone who likes music or just a good read, thank you all.

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