Post #35, December 23, 2019: The Cottonwood Post

NLE Choppa is a 17 year old rapper from Memphis, Tennessee who started to make a lot of noise early this year with his break out song “Shotta Flow” but it wasn’t until “Shotta Flow 2” when I started paying attention to him and became a fan, I genuinely love a lot about NLE Choppa, one thing is his energy, he makes all of his songs energetic and enjoyable to listen from flow switches to his speed when he raps. Fans have been waiting for a while for an actual piece of work from him because the only thing he has been releasing has been singles, which is nice and all but we eventually need an actual body of work and thats why I am here today, this past Friday NLE released a small 10 track EP titled Cottonwood and I am here to explain my thoughts about this EP.

Cottonwood by NLE Choppa

Like I said, Cottonwood is a 10 track EP from the 17 year old from Memphis, Memphis has been a place where some huge acts have came from like Blac Youngsta, BlocBoy JB, Yo Gotti, Moneybagg Yo, Young Dolph, and of course NLE Choppa, all artists that are very big in the industry right now. Back to this EP though, 3 out of the 10 songs were singles, these songs are “Side”, “Shotta Flow”, and “Shotta Flow (feat. Blueface)” and this was my main problem with the project, it is already a short project so why make it even shorter by adding pre released tracks instead of all original and brand new tracks, because we are only getting 7 new songs really, but it is an EP so it is supposed to be short, EP’s are normally released before a major album release so hopefully by then we will get all original tracks and no singles. But since this is a short project this will be a short post because I don’t have much to say because although it is high in energy, that is one of the few positives about this project.

I am a fan of NLE because he makes very aggressive, energetic, and hype music and that is what I enjoy most honestly so when I first heard songs like “Step”, “Clicc Clacc”, “Matrix”, “N.W.A.”, “Shotta Flow” (again), and “Cruze (feat. Meek Mill)” I knew that this was a pretty good project because a lot of what we have here is what NLE does the best which is making that super energetic and aggressive music. Now from listening to NLE for a while I have learned and noticed that he takes this music very seriously and understands what his full potential is, this small project clearly taps into that potential but doesn’t give us all of it, I wish to see his full potential when he releases his actual debut album whenever that will be but what we have here on Cottonwood is just enough until the release of his debut album. One thing I actually love about this project is his little bit of versatility and what I mean by that is his ability to switch flows and to find creative ways to do a hook, “Clicc Clacc” is a great example of this and the small hook he provides for us, it is addictive and very catchy. Another thing that I want to touch up on is the content that he gives us and how people may perceive it, when “Shotta Flow” came out he was 16 years old and in this song he talks about taking drugs, gun violence, murder, and other things 16 year olds shouldn’t be talking about and this topic plays a lot on his music on Cottonwood but thats not the point, the point is that people found what he was saying to be a little too much and too violent and what I have to say to that is that the people who say these things don’t come from the environment NLE came from, what he raps is what he lives and what he is clearly influenced by so why wouldn’t he rap about these topic, and most people forget that your environment is the biggest influence on a person, the environment NLE lives in is not what I live in so I personally won’t understand all of it and I definitely wouldn’t pretend to know that life because that isn’t a good and respectful thing to do, just a few words from me about a topic that has been talked about for a long time. Cottonwood is a pretty good project, it isn great by any means but it is good for what it is and what it is is a 10 track EP so off the rip we aren’t given a lot in all aspects, content, tracks, track time, and overall time but it is pretty good honestly.

Cottonwood has a lot of good moments on it, all the songs that I talked about briefly are the songs that I would take away from this and listen to on a daily basis. I would give this a strong 7/10 or possibly a 8/10 because the songs that I do enjoy are very good songs and fit my criteria of enjoyable songs, they have high energy, aggression, and hype value to it so I am happy with what we were given from Choppa this week and I am excited to see what he has in store for a debut album.

Thank you for being here for another week of posting, as we get close to Christmas it will be hard to keep these coming because I have other priorities to take care of but I will definitely be here soon with Gucci Mane’s new album East Atlanta Santa 3 which I am excited to talk about. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you and I hope everyone enjoys it, see you soon.

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