Post #34, December 18, 2019: The Fine Line Post

Now I’ve never been the biggest fan the British pop scene, more specifically speaking the legendary band One Direction and the members in it and their solo acts, I do know that they’ve all been successful in their own lane, some more than others but there is one that really stood out on his solo career and that is Harry Styles. With his first album as a solo artist in 2017 being a self titled album doing really good and gaining a lot of popularity we finally have a second album in his solo discography and I am here to discuss it.

Fine Line by Harry Styles

This may or may not be a short post because to be honest I didn’t like it as much as I had hoped to but I still like a small handful of songs so I will discuss those and my overall thoughts on the album and that’ll be it, I don’t dislike too much for me to talk about it like in a serious setting. To kick off this review i’ll start with “Golden” this is a good intro track and really sets the tone for what we’ll get for the rest of the album, real nice instrumental and implementation of different instruments, and a catchy hook and very nice melodies. “Watermelon Sugar” is the lead single off this album I believe and I really enjoy this track because its just a feel good, summer type song, I can easily see this song being played on beaches, pool parties, and boat trips, it has a super nice and friendly energy to it and a great use of the acoustic guitar and trumpets which I find hypnotic. “Adore You” is probably one of my favorite songs on this album for several reasons and some of those reasons are that he sounds excellent on this song, his harmonic singing is infectious and extremely catchy, if there is anything good about this song, and there is a lot, its specifically the catchy hook and melody behind the hook, very nice track. The song “Cherry” is a really nice track, some of my favorite instruments are in the string section so guitars for example, and I am a sucker for a good acoustic instrumental and this song fits that description perfectly for me and a subtle harmonica and electric guitar in the background of the beat half way through the song is a plus as well. The second to last song I genuinely enjoy which is my favorite song is “She” and I just love how slow and smooth the instrumental is, it fits in so well with his soft voice then spikes up and down with his voice when he raises his pitch throughout the song, the production is top notch and Harry does such a nice job with the songwriting here as well, this is definitely one of the highs this album has in my opinion. The ending track “Fine Line” is such a great ender to the track, it ends the album on good note, not too crazy and not too extreme of a song but also isn’t anything we didn’t get from the 11 before this song, its a very chill and low key song with a very calming instrumental that picks up towards the end of the track with more percussion and trumpets which has been a strong factor in this album and also is an underrated instrument but thats my opinion but like I said this is a strong track to end Fine Line and to keep us wondering what he’ll do next as far as music goes. The 3 songs in between “She” and “Fine Line” are enjoyable to me but don’t give me enough for me to recognize them on this post but are well done tracks. I am not going to lie, i expected more on this album but the tracks that I genuinely enjoy make up for the lack of music that wasn’t here on this album, i’m not saying its bad by any means but I just wish there was more, for example, on the song “She” he goes crazy with the production and the singing he does is astonishing and its a track like this that I wish were more of on the album.

Fine Line was a good listen honestly and my rating for it would have to be a good 6 or 7/10, I still need to give it more listens and to let it sit for longer with me. Also I definitely think this would have been a much bigger and better project if it were released in the summer because it is full of summer feeling songs, a lot of happy and good energy songs. The songs I talked about are songs I’m taking away and adding to playlists, I enjoy these songs a lot and am excited to see what he has next in his solo career honestly. Thank you for being here for this post, I don’t know what it coming this upcoming week but whatever it is i’ll be ready to listen and review it, thanks again for being here and reading my posts it means a lot.

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