Post #33, December 17, 2019: The As Good As Dead Post

This is a post dedicated to possibly one of the most unique and different artists I’ve ever listened to honestly, they are not for everyone, just a little disclaimer before I start. City Morgue is a group of two artists and a producer I believe but I’m only going to be talking about the artists and they hail from New York, specifically Brooklyn and they are very different because they mix their rap with a metal element or a hard rock sound to it so thats why I say it isn’t for everyone but anyways thats enough said, lets get into this.

City Morgue Vol:2 As Good As Dead by City Morgue

City Morgue includes the artists named ZillaKami who is personally my favorite of the two and also SosMula, and last year they released their volume 1 of their City Morgue collection and that was titled Hell or High Water which is something I listened to after it released because I was first introduced to City Morgue through Denzel Curry and this is because ZillaKami was featured on “Vengeance” off of Denzels TA13OO album and this feature really stuck out to me because his voice and energy was just insane to me and really interested me so I started listening to them and I liked what I heard. They have a really different sound, it is a mixture of trap and like hardcore rock/metal, borderline horror core which is a sub-genre of rap which is basically metal rap. Let me give you all a little back story on myself, while growing up I listened to a lot of Nirvana and Marylin Manson and other artists of that nature and that sound stuck with me to this day and I really love dark, energetic, aggressive music that implements rock and metal, it is just so much more exciting and entertaining to me compared to something that would be considered mainstream but thats where my love for this project comes in, this album was classified under the rock genre on Apple Music for heavens sake but As Good As Dead is fantastic and let me explain why.

I like basically every track excluding 2-4 out of 17 so I’m not going to go over every track I like because it would take forever so what I’m going to do is talk about what I love about the album then go over the few tracks I don’t like as much. Now, one thing I’ve learned while listening to music is that whenever artists do a second part of something or a continuation of a series it normally doesn’t go as good as the first one but in this scenario with City Morgue this second part is way better than the first one. The first one is strictly hardcore songs, electric guitar, screaming, distortion, all that good stuff but this one shows both artists versatility and I say that with all respect, most people use that word very loosely nowadays but they are very experimental and versatile on this album, for example they get fairly lyrical on songs like “The Balloons”, “Screaming At the Rain”, & “Peeling Scabs” and also get sentimental and a little depressed on songs like “Draino (feat. Denzel Curry)”, “Minimizya (feat. IDK)”, “The Give Up”. The other songs are the typical aggressive and high in energy tracks which are great too, its a little bit of everything on this spectrum of rap, the dark, depressing, aggressive part of rap. All the songs I listed above could all be considered my favorites honestly, also “Neck Brace”, “Inferior”, “Thresh”, “Splinter”, “16 Toes”, “Dirtnap”, “C4”, “Babywipes”, & “Mouthguard”. One thing that I can say that I appreciate are the slower more meaningful songs like the first 6 I listed above, they aren’t your typical sad rap song or depressing rap song, there is something about ZillaKami’s empty voice that fits in with the utterly eerie and haunting beats, Kami is doing a lot of the hooks and chorus’s on this album and when he is doing them there is a sort of element to his voice that tells me that he is a beyond damaged person to the point where the pain he feels is numb to him and that he is emotionless because when he sings on the song “Draino” and he sings on the hook “can’t catch tears when their all down the drain, can’t cry now but can self medicate” and the thing about this is that he sounds empty and numb when he sings this little part of the hook which adds a haunting element to the track as the whole, definitely recommend this song but this also isn’t the only time he does this, he does this on about 5 other songs. Kami’s ability to flow is extremely impressive on this album, he shows his versatility and flexibility with his flows on these very well produced tracks which is something that changed from the first album to now. SosMula gets very emotional on some of the tracks and also brings some of the highest energy on this album, some of the best moments do come from SosMula like on “C4” he just fits in to the beat effortlessly and does his thing honestly. The overall sound of this album is full of aggression and extremely high energy, like I said there is definitely a metal influence to this and some of the slower songs remind me of some of the slower songs Nirvana did back in the day whom are also influences of City Morgue as an FYI. A little thing id like to say before I move on is that in an interview from last year they were asked about what the plan is after the first release of this collective, their response was to basically break the door down and to get in the spotlight then all the music after that was to solidify their spots and I definitely think they know what their doing and have solidified their spot.

Some things I didn’t enjoy on this album are few but I think should be explained. Starting off with the few tracks I didn’t like, “Soul Burn” & “Woah” are the only two songs I’m definite on my feelings towards them and well “Soul Burn” just killed my energy while listening to it, I cant put my finger on it but maybe its because there’s just a lot going on in it, gunshots, rounds going off, distortion, a whole lot of stuff that take away the element of the track and “Woah” is just bad, the first 11 seconds is just the beat, and about 35 seconds of the 1 minute and 31 seconds song is him saying “woah” so that take 46 seconds of the instrumental and him saying woah and leaves only 45 seconds of actual content, this isn’t good in my opinion its just a really bad song for several reasons but that the main reason. One of the only other things i didn’t like was the random SosMula ad libs in the songs, they were just copied and pasted throughout all the songs, even songs that didn’t need ad libs like the slower more depressing songs and by the end of the album you just get sick of hearing all the ad libs you heard for 16 straight songs.

Definitely a good album to end of 2019, this really sets the tone for me for 2020, hopefully we get individual albums from both of them or another joint album but all I know is from what I heard on this project I am super excited to hear what they have in store for the future. I would rate this a strong 8-8.5/10, it is high in energy, produced really well, emotional in some areas, lyrical in some areas, aggressive, dark, eerie, haunting, and so much more, definitely a very versatile project from City Morgue. Thank you all for me being able to make these post, I love making them and posting them for you all to consume and to enjoy, see you back soon for a new post.

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