Post #32, December 16, 2019: The Deadstar 2 Post

We got a pretty nice week in the world of music, Harry Styles, Lil Uzi Vert, Don Toliver, KAYTRANADA, NLE Choppa, and so many more but this post is dedicated to the very very long awaited Deadstar 2 from Smokepurpp. Lets just get right into it because I have a lot to say about this project.

Deadstar 2 by Smokepurpp

Deadstar 2 is the follow up album from Florida rapper Smokepurpp’s 2017 Deadstar album which was personally my favorite album for a little while, it just had a really unmastered and really gritty sound which was dark but very entertaining at the same time, I was expecting more of that sound on this album because I personally really enjoy purpp for this sound and style he portrays. Now after my first listen I genuinely didn’t like it, I thought it was terrible but I really wanted to like this album since I’ve been waiting for it for so long so after 4-5 more listens I started liking more songs but there are still a handful that I don’t like, one thing I can say though is that I do like how experimental he has gotten on this album, his sound has expanded to new heights and has gotten a more refined sound. Now the thing I love about the original Deadstar album is how amateur it is with the production and the lyricism, the lack of experience really shines on that album, it’s dark, cloudy, and high in energy which are all elements to music that I love so I was hoping that we would get some of that sound on this album which we did so I was very happy for that element of this project.

There are plenty of things I enjoy about this album which I will discuss now but after this I will go over briefly about the things I don’t enjoy but to start this off I’m going to mention the cover art, I had seen on social media that it is a take on a picture that was taken years ago of Kurt Cobain surrounded by doll heads, you can find this picture on google, just type in “Kurt Cobain doll heads” and it should pop up but I really like this because its a little element of inspiration for Smokepurpp but now on to the actual analysis, lets talk about the first song “The Matrix” this is a good opener to this album, not too strong but also not too weak, it just really sets the tone for what the album will be which is full of hypnotic harmonies mixed with a fairly psychedelic type beat, very nice intro track. “Red Bottoms” is a really detailed track as far as production goes, by the way this album is executive produced by Mike Dean and this is one of the tracks he had his hands over the most and it’s very apparent because of the high pitched futuristic synth leads that are incorporated into the beat, Smokepurpp flows very nicely on this beat and shows off his vocal range which is always nice to see honestly. The song “Stevie” was the first single to release and I’ve been playing it since it released, it goes back to that older type of sound he had in the original Deadstar which I love, he is aggressive and the energy is high which is all I could ask from Purpp, one of the best songs on here. My favorite song “What I Please (feat. Denzel Curry)” is great in so many ways, the production is super nice and fits Denzel and Purpp greatly, now Denzel is one of my favorite artists so seeing him on any song automatically makes it a hit for me because he doesn’t make bad music in my opinion or never gives a bad feature and he definitely didn’t disappoint, this was also another single that released before the album and it also delivered on the energy and the aggression I look for in music. Now I don’t have much to say about “Reckless” except that it’s a nice sounding track, he flows effortlessly on here and fits in on the beta very nicely, this track was probably a filler track that just worked out for him I believe. Another single that released before the actual release for the album is “Dirty Dirty (feat. Lil Skies)” and this is a nice track as well, nothing crazy, I really do enjoy Skies presence on here because I am a fan of his and enjoy seeing him on tracks because I believe that he always kills either his tracks or when he features on them, he fits in really nicely on here as well. “Floor Seats” is definitely another one of my favorites because well I mean who doesn’t like a good ole beat switch half way through the song because I do, whenever you have the same beat for about 3 and a half or 4 minuets it just gets boring, seeing him switch it up is very refreshing and shows that he knows what he’s doing and knows what the people like because the attention span of the newer generation has definitely dropped a bit in my opinion so switching it to gain their attention back is smart. On to the very last song, “Audi II” which is the last single that was released before the album is a good final touches to the end of the album, it gives us a final touch of the high energy that flows throughout the album and gives fans a little bit of remembrance of “Audi” which was one of the singles that blew him up so hearing another song with the same title but a part 2 gives it some high standards and I definitely think this song held up to the name. Now I only liked about 9 songs out of the 17 there are In total but the songs I like really stand out and make up for the songs that honestly didn’t make the cut in my eyes the album has a lot of highs and quite a bit of lows which I’m about to go over.

Now some of the things I genuinely don’t like about this album will be brief because I don’t want to spend too much time in this area of my post so we’ll start off with the amount of auto tune he uses, I do think it is a little excessive like on the song “Past the Moon Interlude” this is one of the worst songs on the album in my opinion because the use of the autotune isn’t needed honestly and the singing he does is too heavily edited, it is just a really and part of the album. I also don’t like how “All For Me (feat. Trippie Redd)” is on here, I didn’t like it when it was on A Love Letter To You 4 and I still don’t like it. The thing i’ll finish this part of my post up with is the ratio of good to bad songs about 9/17 songs I genuinely enjoy but there are only about 3 songs that would make me come back to the actual album, its juts an inconsistent album as a whole in my opinion.

At first I thought it was terrible, it didn’t live up to the hype that everyone and myself had put on it but after several listens I started to enjoy some of the tracks that I didn’t before hand. I would rate this a solid 6/10 just for the small portion of disappointment I faced when listening to this, not my favorite of the week but it still isn’t a terrible album. Thank you all for being here for these posts, it genuinely means a lot and I am excited for my next post because it is a surprising post in my opinion, thank you all and see you then.

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