Post #31, December 11, 2019: The Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial Post

This post is going to be my 3rd consecutive post in a role, lets keep it going. Roddy Ricch is an artist that blew up in the mainstream this year with breakout hits like “Die Young” & “Every Season” and got noticed early on by the late great legend Nipsey Hussle which is great to see with young artists, a cosign from an OG. Roddy Ricch has had a great year this year, becoming a 2019 XXL Freshman, getting on some memorable songs of 2019, teaming up with Nipsey Hussle like I mentioned before, etc. now after coming out with his mixtape Feed Tha Streets II from 2019 Roddy is back to deliver his debut album titled Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial so lets get into it.

Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial by Roddy Ricch

Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial is Roddy Ricch’s debut album which was announced just a week or so ago and features artists such as Gunna, Meek Mill, Lil Durk, and A Boogie wit da Hoodie which I think is a really good amount of feature to have on a debut album. On this album Roddy shows off his rapping skills through his vast collection of flows, his lyrical ability on songs like “Gods Eyes”, and his versatility with his voice through singing at a higher pitch and rapping at a deeper tone. Feed Tha Streets II was the first album I listened to by Roddy Ricch but I hadn’t listened to it when it released because I didn’t really care about him at first but after he had made the cover of the XXL Freshman I thought to myself “he has to be here for a reason” so I decided to go back to Feed Tha Streets II and listen to it and I won’t lie, it wasn’t the best, but it did have some songs on it that I still listen to to this day and really enjoyed, I wouldn’t call myself a fan but I do respect his talent and was very curious as of what he was going to do on this album so I listened and decided to make a post.

I really enjoy the intro track titled “Intro” because for some reason it reminds me of Meek Mills legendary “Dreams and Nightmares” song from a few years ago just because of the structure of the song, starts slow with a piano in the background then switches up into a very hyped up song so I really like this song for that reason and also because its just a great way to start an album, it catches your attention off the rip. “The Box” was a song where I was skeptical at first but ended up really rocking with it, the beat is really weird because it is incorporated with his voice making somewhat of a squeaking sound, but mixed with the 808s and percussion, it really works and also he flows so nicely on here then from here it makes a very smooth transition into my next favorite song which is “Start wit Me (feat. Gunna)”, this was one of the singles released prior to the release and it produced by Jetsonmade who has become one of my favorite producers because just know, when you hear ” oh lord Jetson made another one” its over, the tracks production will automatically be great no matter what but I typically mind when I listen to Gunna because what he brings to the table is repetitive at times but he really fit in well with this track and was definitely a song I enjoyed highly. I don’t really have much to say about the next track which is “Big Stepper” except that it sounds really good and that it is a very well done track, sometimes something is good and you just don’t have anything else to say but that. “Peta (feat. Meek Mill)” is definitely one of my favorite because out of all the tracks it just stands out mainly because of the beat because the beat incorporated with something that sounds like a mandolin and a flute possibly, a string instrument and an instrument from the wind section. Everything about this track is very enjoyable, they may not be saying much on this song but they sound nice, flow very nice, and the production is weird but fits in oddly, great song. Definitely my number one favorite song on this album has to be “Tip Toe (feat A Boogie wit da Hoodie)”, its my favorite for several reasons honestly because for one the beat is entertaining but has a little feeling of nothingness that just seems haunting in a way which makes it entertaining mixed into Roddy covering the chorus and his verse which are filled with good wordplay and real stuff, secondly the song matched with the music video makes it 10 times more entertaining because it has really good effects and portrays a deeper message behind the song, thirdly A Boogie’s verse is fantastic, he switches from harmony to rap in the short time he’s on the track which is what I love from A Boogie, I’ve never been the biggest fan of A Boogie in fact A Boogie is the number one artist on my list of people I want to be a fan of but because they don’t make the best sounding music to me I just cant get into them which sucks but when A Boogie sounds like this, its super enjoyable.

Now even though I really enjoy about 5-6 songs but like maybe 9-10 in total out of 16 isn’t the best but the songs I really enjoy which are the ones I talked about they really stick out and are great in their own way, but, the great thing about Roddy Ricch and this album is that he doesn’t sound the same or does the same thing, all the songs are different and unique in so many ways, his flow is disposable and easily malleable, his beat selection is super interesting, and the features do their job and support the track and not overtake Roddy on his own track. I would give this a good 7/10 for so many reasons, Roddy has a very special album here and I am guessing it will debut number 1 on billboard this week which is very good for a debut album.

Thank you all for reading these posts, we have a special week coming up this week with projects from group City Morgue, NLE Choppa (possibly), and the very long awaited Dead Star 2 from Smokepurpp which I am super excited for, can’t wait to tell everyone what I think about this new and upcoming music and I might have some special posts coming for the end of 2019, thank you all and see you back here soon.

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