Post #30, December 10, 2019: The Juice WRLD Remembrance Post

It is currently 1:38 in the morning while I am writing this post, it’ll go up later in the day but when I heard the news of his untimely death I decided that a good day to get out my emotions was to make an appreciation post/remembrance post about it. I myself and millions are more than saddened to hear this news. I wanted to make a post about this to explain how I feel as I do all my posts and also to recognize this young mans immense talent and endless amount of creativity.

Jarad Anthony Higgins aka Juice WRLD
1998- 2019

Juice WRLD. I remember when he started to blow up with the song “All Girls Are the Same” and when he blew up off this song, the title caught so many peoples attention, soon after this people found the song “Lucid Dreams” which currently has 175.9 million plays on sound cloud, 6 times platinum, and number 1 on the hip hop charts, this song went crazy and this was the song that made me a fan, this song is one of my favorite in general because this song comforted me in a time of extreme sadness so I am forever thankful of this song and its meanings. Juice WRLD didn’t make it a whole 2 years of fame before this untimely death, but even then he accomplished so much in the 2 years he was famous, he had a debut number 1 album in the beginning of this year selling 165,000 units, best new artists winner, young and creative individual, etc. the list goes on with Juice honestly. The cause of his death is really just sad, I personally don’t know everything but I am trying to keep up with all the information and what I know of as of now is that he was flying back to Chicago and one of the pilots on the plane reported to the police that him and his entourage had drugs and guns so when they landed the police were there waiting to arrest them, while they were searching the plane Juice WRLD had swallowed “a lot” of percocets I think before the search, then he started convulsing and was taken to the hospital where he had died, now this may not be all the truth but this is what I know of based on media outlets. This death is extremely sad because if you know Juice WRLD and his music, current or old, you know that substance abuse is a reoccurring theme in his music and his ways of copping with his depression. Im not going to sit here and say that I was a fan before he blew up because I wasn’t, but when he did blow up it was a breath of fresh air because he was so different from all the other acts blowing up around that time, he was real, genuine, and actually talented, he could lyrically rap, sing, harmonize, all of it, he was a real talented person which is hard to find in rap nowadays. I am just in awe and can’t believe that such a bright and positive person loved my so many people is gone, it doesn’t feel right. People have come to social media to show their respect and their love to Juice WRLD and people have started to post the now eerie lyrics that in a way predict his untimely death, the lyrics go “whats a 27 club?, We ain’t makin’ it past 21” this is from the song “legends” that came very soon after the death of XXXTENTACION who had died last year in June from being shot, another untimely death, he was 20. But people find these lyrics disturbing now because he didn’t make it past 21, he in fact turned 21 7 days ago and was on his plane ride to his birthday party. I also feel bad for the people around him, on artist in particular, Ski Mask The Slump God, Ski came up with XXXTENTACION and they were best friends long before their fame, Ski had to deal wit the death of his brother X when he died and I feel terrible for Ski because when X died he befriended Juice WRLD and now he is dead so now he has lost 2 brothers real close to him. I just feel bad for everyone around him because he is an artist but before that he is a son, a boyfriend, a best friend, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, etc. he has family and friends, people with much more of a connection to him than fans but I also feel and for the fans because I know how I feel and where Juice was in my heart, his music was a support system for me for a little bit, be became one of my top 5 real fast, Goodbye & Good Riddance became one of my favorite albums of 2018, Juice just really impacted me and its totally sad to see this happen.

But with all deaths I think it is appropriate to not only mourn but to celebrate and acknowledge the life and career of Juice WRLD and all the crazy things he did during his fame. Juice WRLD reached so many feats during his career like awards, nominations, number one singles, platinum records, hundreds of millions of streams, number one album, best selling album for a little bit this year, a die hard fan base, a versatile style, and so much more. Juice WRLD’s debut album Goodbye & Good Riddance holds iconic songs such as “Lucid Dreams”, “All Girls Are the Same”, “Lean Wit Me”, “Black & White”, “I’m Still”, and “Wasted (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)”, the entire thing is legendary honestly. This was a great breakout album to show the WRLD who Juice WRLD is. Later that year Juice made a tweet saying how he would reach legend status if he made a collaboration album with Future or something along those lines and later last year that happened, WRLD ON DRUGS came to the public which was honestly a pretty bad album in my opinion did hold that promise that if he worked with future then he’d be a legend and I think he holds that title. Early this year he released his second album titled Death Race for Love which received mixed reviews at first but after people let it sit it started getting the appreciation it deserved and although it isn’t one of my favorite of this year, it still holds absolute gems such as “Empty”, “Robbery”, “Maze”, “Hear me Calling”, “Fast”, and again…many more. Juice could actually rap, it may not be apparent in his music but he has interviews where he freestyles for a really long time, for example, last year Juice freestyle for over an hour, off the top of the head, so I don’t know about you but I call that talent because I know I could do that for 10 seconds. Another thing of the many things he accomplished that I think is legendary is his collaboration with Travis Scott, this is important because in an interview he mentioned how Travis was his favorite rapper and how he tried to write and be like Travis and that he would love to get the chance to work with him, later 2018 we got ASTROWORLD and us fans were excited to hear the legendary “the party never ends” in the beginning of “NO BYSTANDERS”. I could go on and on about the legacy that is Juice WRLD but I have to stop somewhere, its sad to see another young soul die due to something that can be prevented, after Lil Peep died I thought that people would understand that there is a problem but I guess not, the sad thing is we lost Peep in 2017, X in 2018, Mac Miller and Juice WRLD in 2019, who will be lose too soon in 2020, harsh reality.

The only things I have to say are may Juice WRLD play forever, he was a modern day rockstar, 999 forever, the party never ends, you will never be forgotten, you will be loved and missed forever, Rest In Paradise Jarad Higgins, Rest In Paradise young legend, and Rest In Paradise Juice WRLD.

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