Post #29, December 9, 2019: The Bad Vibes Forever Post

Welcome back to TMT for post 29 which is going to be fairly long depending on where I decide to go with this post. This week we have a new album from XXXTENTACION which i’m going to refer to as X just to save some time typing. The label Bad Vibes Forever has released X’s final album titled Bad Vibes Forever which is a fairly special album and sad album for me because during his life time I was a very big fan of X and his music, he lived a life of conspiracy and negativity but did genuinely try and change his ways but was fatal killed in the process, although he was here for a short time his music still influenced me to be one with my emotions, my inner self, to appreciate who I am, and to go for what I want so he definitely has influenced me a lot in the time he was here but lets get into the music because it took me a while to get y thoughts in so lets begin.

Bad Vibes Forever by XXXTENTACION

Here we have Bad Vibes Forever by XXXTENTACION. I do want to apologize for the delay on this post because I’ve been a little sick but I feel good enough now to deliver this post and a few more throughout the week. I will be honest though, I wasn’t expecting much from this album. If you know music and what happens when people die then you also shouldn’t have expected much from this album too, this is the 2nd posthumous album from X but the 3rd posthumous piece of work he has been on, I am talking about SKINS, Members only vol. 4, and this album which adds up to 3 all after X’s death. Since this post will be a longer one I want to break up this post into sections starting with what this album is made up of or basically just a disclaimer for the album, a little bit of realization as well, then from that I want to go into the tracks and which ones I really enjoy, then things that I think could be better or left out, and what my final thoughts are.

So here is some realization and just some things to think of when listening to this album, so basically what you have to think of about this album and X’s music after he died is that he has had 3 albums since he died, SKINS compared to this is great because it got more of the finished, higher produced, and serious tracks that X had. The Members only album got a little bit of X, Voice recordings, snippets, not much honestly but with that and the SKINS album we aren’t left with much music from X but the label and management have to make money back somehow because they invested money into X when he was alive and since he died they have to make that back some how so thats where this album comes in. X was a musician, all he did was make music, wake up and make music, thats what you do as a musician, so hypothetically what that means is that lets say he makes 70 pieces of music including, songs, voice recording, beats, lyric idea, melodies, etc. 20 of the best ideas went into one album, 12 out of the remaining best ideas and songs go into the next project, then 10 more of X’s creations go into a collaboration album with his friends, so that means there is just so much left that hasn’t been picked yet to make a final album from, the scraps honestly, the music that X probably never wanted released when he was alive. That is my main problem with this album, I understand that your resources are limited but not everything this man made had the intent for public consumption, also the fact that the management tried way too hard to make something out of so little. For example imagine being given a sentence by a teacher then being told to write a 3 page essay on that sentence and how you feel about it, you’re going to stretch it out to fit those requirements and at the end of the day what you write just won’t be good because you aren’t given enough recourses. Thats what this album is, its a bunch of 8-30 second snippets, guitar or other beat snippets, ideas X had, unfinished songs, etc. that was left behind through 2 other albums that were given to producers, mixers, and engineers and were told to make a 2 minute song out of, props to the people who made this because that sound difficult to do honestly. I am not saying this album shouldn’t have been released and I am also not saying that X wouldn’t want this because no one knows that, all I am saying is that it just seems a little disrespectful to me, not just the album, but the timing, the kid died last June, a year and a half ago and were already getting his last album with two others before it. To me it just seemed like it was all for money which is more than likely true but I am an X fan and will represent and appreciate the creative value that went behind his music forever. Thank you for being here for my rant.

So the tracks. 25 tracks from X with 15 of them featuring someone or more than one person, this album has people featured on it such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Joey Bada$$, blink-182, Craig Xen, and a whole lot of more. These are artists that have worked with X or wanted to eventually which I thought was a very nice touch honestly because it shows respect. Now listening to the album I noticed that I don’t really love a lot of tracks but I do love certain tracks and parts of other tracks so instead of going track by track I am going to list off the few I like and what I like about them. I really enjoy the song “Ex Bi**h” its just a really fun and typical X song, it has a really good vibe to it and has a real nice ballad feel to it, very good and finished song from X, glad to see it on the album too. The next song I enjoy is a song that has gotten negative reviews and thats “UGLY” I heard a snippet of this when X was alive and I genuinely liked it off the rip, X has just always had a talent with making nothing into something and that is what this track is, it is a very dark, haunting, and mysterious track that holds nothing to it but in that manner it is entertaining in an odd way and I find a lot of enjoyment out of it. I obviously like the lead single “Bad Vibes Forever (feat. Trippie Redd & PnB Rock)” its just a nice and very relaxing song, it has a great and deeper meaning to it and a very nice beat behind it, it is one of those songs though that was originally just X singing a 15 second hook stretched into a 2 minute song but I do like the features and everything to it. Next song I love is “LIMBO (feat. Killstation)” and the reason is because I’ve always loved the implementation of rock or metal music X incorporated in his music it was just so well done and gorgeous, and to hear this eerie beat in the beginning then transitioning into some screaming over a real nice guitar riff is beautiful to me then leading into X’s soft voice then ending with more aggression and energy, a perfect X song honestly and a song that I feel would have been more popular if he were alive. Next song I really enjoy is “Daemons (feat. Joey Bada$$ & Kemba)” now I love this song mainly because of Joey and Kemba and their lyrical ability, it does outshine X on this track but I mean what can they do when they are given so little but this also was my first experience to Kemba and I plan on looking into his music after listening to this feature from him, all 3 of them show off their lyrical ability which is always nice when it comes to X’s music because he was always able to actually rap about real things, also seeing another X and Joey collaboration was nice since they worked so well together. “ATTENTION!” is another song I enjoy, not for any major reason except that it sounds nice and is a “typical X song”. “CHASE/ glass shards (feat. Ikabod Veins)” is another song that got a lot of negative reviews which I don’t understand because I really enjoy the metal influence it has, it is creepy and very dark which is right up my ally when it comes to music in all honesty, I also remember when X showed a video of this beat on his instagram, I was looking forward to this beat being on here too so its good to see it here. Final song I genuinely like and is possibly one of my favorite is “IT’S ALL FADING TO BLACK (feat. blink-182” this song is legendary honestly because I know X and Travis Barker did a song together but I didn’t expect this to be a thing ever, blink-182 influences this generation of hip hop more than people think and it is really cool to see a collaboration between then an X and after hearing this I could only imagine all the good music they could have made if he was alive.

After explaining all the things I praise this album for, it is now time to criticize the bad things about it because it is still music, doesn’t matter if he is alive or not, the music is still a thing and that doesn’t take away from the fact of whats good and bad. Starting off with Lil Waynes feature on “School Shooters”, I hope he didn’t write that verse because that is honestly the worst thing he has ever done in my opinion, just the things he rapped about and how he flowed was just all wrong, no bueno at all. “Ecstasy (feat. Noah Cyrus)” is my least favorite song for both counterparts on this song, X’s part is made up of voice recordings honestly and Noah just doesn’t do as good as I had hoped, their other song together is very nice and is a highlighted X collaboration to me but this track could have been left untouched. This is going to be short but whoever Tom G is can he just not on “Kill My Vibe” please like this was the worst feature I’ve heard in a long time. “the interlude that never ends” should have been scrapped in all honesty, it is the same voice recording spanned out for 2 and a half minutes, this was not needed and was a poor attempt of making something out of nothing. The final song that I genuinely don’t like is with Joyner Lucas “Northstar” really is just bad for so many reasons, I don’t have the time to list those reasons but just know that its bad, its such a weird collaboration and the beat selection just doesn’t fit Joyner at all.

Ive really talked about everything, the mechanics of the album, the making, how I feel, what I like and don’t like, etc. Ive voiced my opinion and I really want to hear someone else opinion of this album because it is a special album in a lot of different ways good or bad. There are a lot to like about this album but at the same time there are a lot of things to not like but thats what happens when someone dies, fans want the music whether its good or bad but as fans its good to remember the young legend known as XXXTENTACION and everything he did in the short time he was here. This is my least favorite X album out of all the ones he released or were released and I am going to have to give this a strong 6/10, it is an alright album, it did meet my expectations because I didn’t think anything of it initially. But I do want to thank you for reading this post and for being here for 29 of them I enjoy these posts and what comes with making them, thank you all and see you soon for my next post.

Long Live Jahseh

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