Post #27, November 25, 2019: The Melly vs Melvin Post

This week was one of the better weeks we’ve had for music in a little while with releases from YNW Melly, Trippie Redd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and more. This review will be dedicated to YNW Melly’s album titled Melly vs. Melvin and I will have a separate post for Trippie Redd’s album.

Melly vs Melvin by YNW Melly

Florida rapper YNW Melly started to blow up last year with songs like “Murder on my mind”, “Virtual (Blue Balenciaga)”, and “Butter Pecan” and became what seems like famous overnight with his very addictive voice, infectious harmonies and melodies, and constant hits. I was looking forward to this album because I know the type of music he makes and the type of artist he is. Melly is currently in jail for murder I believe so, but i think that the decision from him and his team to release this album while he is in jail is smart so that people won’t forget him and that his name will still recirculating amongst the public. Lets get into this review though.

Im just gonna say it, this album is alright, nothing crazy stands out and it doesn’t have a distinct sound to it except the fact that its a typical album but there are moments that I do love about it. Tracks like “Suicidal” and “Billboard” are what I love to see from Melly because one of the songs is full of passion and driven by emotion which Melly is best at, his heartbreaking harmonies and infectious melodies really take control of the track and deliver a message, the other song is him in a different state and that is him making catchy hooks and high energy music which is what he does best. Other songs like “Adam Sandler”, “Bang Bang”, “I’m a Star”, “Nobody’s Around”, & “Killuminati (feat. Foreign Teck)” are good songs but some aren’t needed or either are close toeing really good but they are missing just a little something, these aren’t and tracks but at the same times they just don’t sit well with me for numerous reasons. Then you have songs like “Two Face”, “My Slime”, “100k”, & “Stay Up” which to me sound like throw aways, these just aren’t good and I really didn’t enjoy listening to these songs, they just aren’t entertaining. There is one song that I didn’t mention that honestly caught me off guard and thats the second to last song and its called “Waitin On You (feat. Tonk Wit Tha Gift) which I assume that this is Melly’s take on a christian rap song which isn’t a bad attempt but at the same time it isn’t a great attempt. I am christian and I do love to see this kind of music from artists that normally wouldn’t make it but at the same time the music always come first and it just isn’t a good song, the feature is supposed to help out with the song and not take full control of the song because it might as well be “Waitin On You (feat. YNW Melly) because his presence on here only reaches the hook, no verses. But I respect the attempt. This is an alright album, it kind of let me down in a way or two….or three. The lead single “223’s” and the 2 other songs I mentioned that were my favorite are really the only good moments on this album. With that being said I would give this a strong 6/10.

Paying attention to Melly and his career I know that he deals with either bipolar disorder or some sort of personality disorder because he mentions that Melly and Melvin are two different people so naming your project Melly vs. Melvin can be deceiving because I thought it would have touched on the topic at hand but it didn’t, did I reach? yea, maybe but sometimes you gotta reach even though nothings there. Anyway, the album was alright, not my favorite from the week but another post is going up soon where I talk about A Love Letter To You 4.

Thank you for reading these posts, it means a lot that anyone reads them but make sure you like this, follow the page, comment on it because I like to hear about what you think, and share it with someone. See you back In a little bit for another post.

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