Post #26, November 10, 2019: The MAGDALENE Post

Not too many exciting artists released this week, drops that interested me included Dave East, Doja Cat, and Lil Mosey, and although I am a small fan of Doja Cat I won’t be doing her album because it isn’t as good as I had hoped and I also was planning on doing one for Lil Mosey but his isn’t good at all either and I want to provide everyone with good input and positive feed back but its hard when people make wack music. This week we did get the long awaited album titled MAGDALENE from FKA Twigs. Ive been interested in the electronic, pop, RnB, artists for some time but haven’t listened to any of her work so this is my first full length listen from her and I really enjoyed it but let me get into my thoughts about the album.


FKA Twigs is a 31 year old artists from London and has been making a lot of waves over the last few years and has developed somewhat of a cult fan base. The electro-pop star has developed a very distinct and unique sound over the span of her career and the sophomore album from Twigs titled MAGDALENE is proof of this style and sound she has grown and flourished in. This project is full of bright and vivid production matched with some of the strongest vocals I’ve heard from anyone yet this year, she uses her voice to match the beat very nicely on all of the songs which is hard to do as a singer, most the time the pitch and overall vocals don’t match the tempo or entirety of the beat so hearing her do all of this with such ease is refreshing to see. Almost all of the songs are full of passion and this is another aspect of an artist that I think is important, having passion behind your vocals just add much more to the track and sometimes make up for a lack of production if that were the case, but that isn’t the case here. For the most part I really enjoy all of the songs here, they area all different in a way or another and all provide a story or emotion but I do want to be more specific so I am going to talk about a few that I think stick out amongst the rest. On the second track titled “home with you” I really enjoy the build up of the track which is about the first 2 minutes of the track, it is very theatrical and socially pleasing. On the fourth track titled “holy terrain (feat. Future)” the thing that I really enjoy is the chemistry they both have on this track because when I first saw “feat. Future” I was pretty skeptical because I didn’t know how he’d do on a track with Twigs since they make such different music, their good chemistry does make sense because Future spends a little time making RnB music and slowing it down so I can see how he would adapt well with Twigs on this track. My next favorite track is the fifth track titled “mary magdalene” and the reason why I think everyone should listen to this is because the message it has, she sings about women and what women can do, it is a very empowering song and it is also one of the best produced tracks on here. My last but definitely not least favorite song, probably my absolute favorite on the album is titled “fallen alien” and just everything about this song is perfect, the vocals are strong, vivid, and clear, the production is experimental but at the same it is very magical in a way and the build up throughout the song is great too because there are several times where the tempo drops then picks back up, its a very energetic track which I am always here for.

There are a lot of small things about this album that makes it great, the small details like how the cover art is very different and unique on its own, the track list is serious but intriguing, the overall time and number of tracks fit well and is perfect in all honesty, the sound is perfect and doesn’t stick to traditional electronic music, it is very creative and radiates such a strong and positive energy, and so much more but that would have to be up to you, the listener, to make an opinion and to add on to what I think about the album. If it wasn’t obvious by now I think this is a perfect album, I would easily rate this a strong 9/10 or probably a perfect 10 but I think I would have to let it sit with me and see how it ages or if it will have any replay value in a few months, definitely a top 10 contender.

If you listened to this album I want to know what you think, like, comment, share, and follow, try and communicate with me to talk about this album or any piece of music, this was a very good project from Twigs and definitely shows me that she is much more than an artist. Another post should go up next week depending on who releases music, ever since Jesus Is King we hadn’t really gotten any interesting releases. Thank you for reading this post it means a lot and come back next week for a new one.

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