Post #25, October 26, 2019: The JESUS IS KING Post

We have been blessed this week with the very long awaited Kanye West album JESUS IS KING. I have plans of doing another review but this is a very special album that deserves its own post so let me stop talking and get into what I think about the 9th studio album from the Kanye West.

JESUS IS KING by Kanye West

The 9th studio album from Kanye West titled JESUS IS KING. We were teased with a new album after Ye that released in the summer of last year, it was reported that it was dropping on Black Friday last year and we were all shocked when midnight came and there was nothing. Yandhi, the album that was supposed to be released was on so many peoples minds all year long until we got word that it got scrapped and that he was working on a new album titled JESUS IS KING and this album was delayed due to numerous mixing issues and was reported that it no longer had a release date because Kanye wasn’t sure about it yet. After a couple weeks and a last minute delay we finally got JESUS IS KING so now the question is “was this worth such the long wait and all the delays?”, I will answer this through out the review and a final answer at the end of this.

If anyone was paying attention to this album and the story of it you’ll know that its Kanye’s take on a gospel album which I think he gets spot on and the things that make it spot on are that because its a gospel album it obviously has to be about god and it also has to have soul to it and passion because Kanye is crazy about god so for it to be a gospel album then we have to hear the devotion, the passion, the pain and everything that he experienced down the path of Christianity. It is very clear that he has changed and its clear through this album, but, the overall sound of this album is obviously powered through faith and has a lot of pure, positive, and righteous sounds and feelings to it. I love every song on this album so I’m going to go through some of my favorite moments on this album cause there is a good amount. Starting with the first track “Every Hour (feat. Sunday Service Choir)” and I just love the church feel to it, it sounds like I’m sitting in a pew getting ready for a great service from Kanye and at some point during he song we have small very subtle claps in the background that add to the feeling that I am in a church. My next favorite moment is during the track “Selah” and its after Kanyes first verse when it transitions to the choir chanting “Hallelujah”, this moment is my favorite on the tack, it gave me goose bumps the first time I listened to it but besides that I love the Bible verses Kanye adds into his verse and the overall production of the track, definitely the best produced song on the album. The production on “Follow God” is something special because it gives me strong “old ye” vibes, but sampling isn’t anything new to Kanye, he is the king of sampling songs but what he did with the tack and how he just flowed on it is gorgeous. Another favorite moment is at the end of “On God” when we hear “Ayo Pi’erre wanna come out here” which is a very noticeable tag from the producer Pi’erre Bourne and this is a favorite moment because I never would have expected Pi’erre to have made it on a Kanye album, this track is also another favorite for me because the production just fits Kanye perfectly, I wouldn’t change anything about this track, the passion is in his voice and its very noticeable. One little thing that I want to add about this song is that the “Okay” throughout the track sound like the”Okay”s from the iconic song “Mercy”, if anyone knows if these are sampled from that song please let me know. The song “God Is” is a perfect example of a man who has been changed by Christ, listening to his voice and how he raps on here is perfect and utterly inspirational, he has been taken over by the Holy Spirit on this song and he is truly rapping about his love for god which is nothing but perfect. My last favorite moment from this album comes from “Use This Gospel” because it has such a wonderful outro from the legend Kenny G, he leads us out of the song with a hypnotizing and mesmerizing saxophone solo which is top 3 favorite moments on this album.

The production on this album is perfect, the lyrics area mazing, there are some silly moments but overall its just Kanye having fun and letting god take control of him. The sound and message is clear and perfect this is an amazing album and will only get better with time like how 808s & Heartbreak, Yeezuz, and The Life of Pablo did. JESUS IS KING isn’t too complex, its to the point but I would have added a track or two if it were me but this is Ye so its perfect how it is. I think it was definitely worth the wait, i think that Kanye knew what he was doing with all the delays. I would give this album an easy 9/10 and this is based off my first few listens. I appreciate this album so much because I myself am a christian and am proud of it, I take being a christian with pride and its good to hear someone of Kanyes legacy and caliber to appreciate god and to have no shame in putting out a whole album about how he loves god, its a beautiful thing and one of my favorite albums so far for this year.

In a couple days I am going to do a post about an album that was recommended for me to listen to when it released which is Pony by Rex Orange County, this will be on Monday but as of this post, I loved this album I think it was great and met the hype that was put on it, if you agree with me then let me know, I really want to know what people think about this album, I love it. Comment what you think, like this post, share this post and follow this blog for more of my thoughts on current music. Thank you for reading, see you in a few days.

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    > tyler_davidson3 posted: ” We have been blessed this week with the very > long awaited Kanye West album JESUS IS KING. I have plans of doing another > review but this is a very special album that deserves its own post so let > me stop talking and get into what I think about the 9th stud” >


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