Post #24, October 20, 2019: The WOPTOBER II Post

Not much action this week in the world of music. We got teased with a Playboi Carti album but as usual, nothing was released. The releases this week didn’t really interest me except for one which is going to be the only one I will talk abut for this post. Due to the lack of music this week I will be talking about the new album from Gucci Mane album titled “WOPTOBER II” which is a follow up to his 2016 album WOPTOBER. Lets get into what I think about this album.

WOPTOBER II by Gucci Mane

Starting this post off with a fun fact. Woptober II is Gucci Mane’s 101st project. I always knew that he had such a huge discography but I didn’t think it was over 100 projects, Gucci has proven to be the most consistent in the rap game probably ever. In my opinion this album is a special album because its his 101st album and also that Gucci is doing the best he has ever done in life ever since he got out of jail in late 2016 which is also the same time I started listening to him so every album since his album that he released when he got out of jail titled Everybody Looking to now with Woptober II in fact my favorite Gucci Mane album is actually his 2017 album with metro booming titled Droptopwop, I just love how dark and spacey most the beats are. But back to this album. Woptober II is the follow up album Woptober that released October 2016 and I thought it was really enjoyable, it still has songs that I like to listen to even today, but I wasn’t expecting the same sound or something of an attempt for them to be the same except having the same title. I went back to listen to the first Woptober and I tried to compare them to see which one I like better because sequel albums just aren’t the same as original albums. I personally think that this one is a little better just because it has a lot of songs that I think are super enjoyable or just have an aggressive sound. Songs like “Richer thanEverybody (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again & DaBaby) really show the aggressive side of everyone on the song, YoungBoy really shines on this track, he’s in his natural element. I was pretty disappointed with DaBaby’s verse because I feel like I’ve heard it before because he genuinely sounds the same in almost everything he does but he adds a good element to the song. Another song I really enjoy is “Big Booty (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) because I love how they both flow on the beat, the beat is really upbeat and energetic with the guitar sample behind the baseline and percussion, its one of my favorite for obvious reasons. “Move Me” is also another great song in my opinion because the production is so dark, the 808s, baseline, and dark piano keys that all make up the beat just fit perfect for Gucci Mane’s voice and flow, the hook is also super catchy. “Highly Recommended” just sounds good honestly, I don’t know how to describe the beat but in a nutshell it goes down in sound, like it will start off with higher pitched sounds then slowly dims down each bar Gucci raps and his flow also matches the beat, if you don’t understand what I mean then you should listen to it for yourself. Then songs like “Tootsies (feat. Lil Baby)”, “Came from Scratch (feat. Quavo)”, “Bucking the System (feat. Kevin Gates)”, and ” Wop Longway Takeoff (feat. Peewee Longway & Takeoff)” are all songs that I like but aren’t my favorites, if they come on then ill listen to them, and the ones I didn’t list are just not good in my opinion. Some highlights with some of the songs I listed are when PeeWee and Take off go back and forth in their song together and also how Kevin Gates shines on “Bucking the System” he just sounds fantastic on this track, I believe that he saves the track. There isn’t an overall sound to this album except that its just for fun really, I don’t think most of Gucci’s albums have a deep meaning, he even said that when he makes music that he really likes he wants to share it with people, thats why he has so many projects, because he’s so consistent with his releases like for an example this is the second post about Gucci Mane I’ve done this year. I would rate this album a strong 7/10 because of the tracks that I do like, I think they are amazing and very well produced. The Cover art is also very interesting because I believe that it was an advertisement for his Gucci (the brand) collection, I had seen this picture on instagram about a week go to promote his Gucci collection which I think it brilliant.

Once again we really only had this album this week, I was looking forward to this album because I really like Gucci Mane, he is definitely one of the best rappers from Atlanta in my opinion and he is also the most consistent artists out now. Let me know what you think about this album or just about Gucci Mane because I feel that everyone has their own thoughts about specifically Gucci so let m hear those thoughts and opinions. As always, thank you for reading and supporting this blog it means a lot. Like this post, Follow, Comment, and Share, thank you again for reading this post, see you back here next week when new music releases.

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