Post #23, October 14, 2019: The AI Youngboy 2 & Glen Baby 2 Post

I want to start by apologizing for the late post i just needed time to really listen to this weeks albums and choose who i was going to talk about. This week i will talk about two artists that stood out for this week and they are NBA Youngboy and SSG Splurge. These two albums stuck out from the rest that released recently because of how they sound and the energy that they brought, the other pieces of work that were released just didn’t do it for me but no more talking, time to get into this review.

AI YoungBoy 2 by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

This is the first project from YoungBoy in 2019 following his insane year in 2018 releasing 6 different projects. Ive never called myself a YoungBoy fan, i like some of his songs but not a lot but he is one of the artists that i really want to like just because he has a good style and sound in my opinion. This is technically my first full length album that I’ve listened to from YoungBoy and i can say that I’m not disappointed. Some of my favorite songs on this album are “Carter Son”, “Self Control”, “Make No Sense”, “Slime Mentality”, “Head Blown”, “Ranada”, “Rebel’s Kick It”, and “In Control”. “Make No Sense” is my number one song on the album, i just love how he flows over this super bouncy type beat. The overall sound of the album isn’t anything different from what I’ve hear from YoungBoy before, it has the normal trap/street sound to it, talking about murder, guns, drugs, money, come up, family, etc. This wasn’t a shocker to me, i didn’t expect it to sound like anything new but i do like this sound so it wasn’t a bad thing. One thing that i really enjoy about YoungBoy is his voice, he has such a distinct southern dialect but it isn’t just him, I’ve come to find out that Louisiana rappers just have such a unique style of rapping like Lil Wayne, Boosie, Kevin Gates and also YoungBoy. If you listen to all these people you will find many similarities in the way they rap, their vocabulary, and their voices which is actually a really cool thing in my opinion. Overall rating for this album is a 7/10 mainly because it was really good for my first listen of a YoungBoy project. I love the sound, his rapping style, the songs don’t sound the same, and the consistency is great for such a long album because most long albums lose my attention after a while and become boring but this album gets me into it with the sound of a good amount of the songs. Really good album from YoungBoy and I do see longevity in his career because of such a strong and very loyal fan base he has.

Glen Baby 2 by SSG Splurge

Now I’m not totally familiar with SSG Splurge but i had listened to Glockeeee because i was hearing a lot of his music in videos on social media where people were doing the “woah” dance. This will also be my first real listen of a Splurge project and I’m not going to lie, i actually really like it. Before i get into my favorite songs i am going to explain something that i coined as “woah music”, “woah music” is music that is easily associated with the dance called “the woah”, a social media dance craze that became viral last year and has continued to be used in a lot of music videos and dance videos since its blow up but what is “woah music”?. “Woah music” is generally relied on the beat, the beat that makes this sound is consisted of high hats, claps and strong 808 beats, thats all but also sometimes piano keys can be thrown into the making of these beats but at most its about 3 instruments but its the pattern of these instruments that make it so easy for people to “hit the woah”. I counted how many songs on this project are “woah songs” and 11/18 songs fit this criteria. If you are confused by what i mean then look up any dance video of “the woah” then listen to any of the songs on this project that have the instruments I listed and let me know if you agree or not. I like a lot of songs on here and i don’t really feel like listing all of them but just to save time ill shorten the typing. I really enjoy tracks 1-10, “Posin”, “RoboKop” and “Intro, Pt.3”, so 13/18 songs on this project i like, i think thats pretty good for someone that i haven’t really listened to like that before. I already went over the sound of the project and the sound is why i like this project, the beats are just super simple and pretty aggressive, the 808s used on here hit real hard and therefore create such high energy in my opinion. But there is one thing that makes this project pretty bad, 80% of the songs sound the exact same, remember when i mentioned that 11/18 of the songs have that same beat style? yeah well that also means that they all sound the same, now this is okay for now but it really wont be good if he continues to do this 3 or 4 albums from now, having versatility is key for artists that seek longevity in their careers, if he keeps this sound up then no one will want to listen to him 3 years from now because this sound will fade away and will be surpassed by another popular sound. I would rate this album a strong 6/10. I really like the energy this project gives and ill definitely listen to Splurges next project but the majority of the songs sound the exact same, i’m not expecting much next time but lets see if ill be surprised and hopefully proven wrong.

I really want to know what you think about this projects, do you like them?, do you disagree with my thoughts?, do you think Glen Baby 2 has too much “woah music” on it?, let me know. I am pretty sure this week we have a project from Gucci Mane releasing and I am honestly looking forward to it but I’m not sure who else is releasing but when I find out ill make sure to listen and possibly do a post about it. I have a lot of plans for this blog, just stay tuned and keep coming back to new posts for updates on the blog and the future for this blog. Thank you for reading this, see you next week.

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