Post #22, October 7, 2019: The HIGHEST IN THE ROOM & uknowhatimsayin? Post

Welcome back to another post, I had meant to post 2 other posts about 2 albums that released last week but after listening to them I had realized that they weren’t that good so I decided to not do it because there wouldn’t be much of a review if I don’t see anything good about it, but this week is a good week, also a short post this week because I only have one album to talk about and a single that released. I normally don’t talk about singles unless they are very highly anticipated, like the single that released this week from Travis Scott. With this single from Travis Scott and a brand new album from Danny Brown we will get into this post starting with Travis.

“HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” by Travis Scott

First let me start by saying that if you are reading this and you’ve read any other posts of mine where I talk about Travis then you know I am a huge Travis Scott fan, so I’ve been anticipating this song for a very long time. A little time after the release of ASTROWORLD this single was teased and ever since then until now its all thats been talked about with Travis, “when will highest drop?” has been the popular question for a while, now we have it. I believe that Travis is notorious for hyping things up and promoting his unreleased music so when something does release then the real question is “did it meet the expectations?”, short answer for this single is yes, yes it did, but lets get into why. Lets start off with the beat and a little breakdown of the beat, it starts off with a very catchy “ghostly” harmony in the beginning and throughout the song then transitions into the baseline and the very addictive guitar strum also throughout the song, this mixed with that ghostly harmony really makes the song what it is in my opinion. The beat switches back and forth between these two for the first 2 minutes and 18 seconds then it transitions into this gorgeous, cinematic, and theatrical range of sounds that make you feel as if you’re floating, now I do believe that Travis does this the best with his production, he really knows how to put sounds together and layer his tracks to make them sound special. Travis isn’t really known for his lyrical ability but don’t let this doubt you on his lyrical ability, he does know how to be lyrical but I would say that the lyrics on this song aren’t anything crazy, typical travis lyrics in my opinion and typical travis sound, the drugged out and psychedelic sound. The catchy “She fills my mind up with ideas, i’m the highest in the room” is the only thing i’ve been saying all day and months before the release of this song so these lyrics are very distinct and like I said catchy. One thing I love about this song is the last 40 seconds where the beat completely changes and goes into this area of synths mixed with piano chords, whenever Mike Dean and Travis work together the chances of something great coming from it are very much inevitable. So with this single the main question I’ve been seeing is “whats next?”, it has been announced that the Cactus Jack label is working on a label album titles JACK BOYS, now if this is true then I am extremely excited, I hope that it is true cause this album would be nothing but rage induced music which i’m always here for. Some other things id like to say is that I think the transition at the end of this song definitely makes it what it is, and I’ve always said this about Travis and his music, Travis is very different because he doesn’t keep the same beat the majority of the time he puts music out, some examples of this start all the way from “Bad Mood Sh*t On You” up until “SICKO MODE”, his use of beat transitions aren’t anything new, its been a reoccurring theme all throughout his discography but the only thing about it is that it keeps getting better so I am super excited to see where he goes with this and what comes after “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM”. I think this is a 10/10 perfect song, its just an amazing song, its structured perfectly, the production is top notch as always, the lyrics and overall sounds are amazing, so many different reasons, and the cover art is absolutely fire, literally. I want to know what other people think so let me know if you agree or disagree, or If you have any comments about it, i want to hear what you have to say.

uknowhatimsayin? by Danny Brown

uknowhatimsayin? is Danny Browns 5th full length studio album. I had first gotten in to Danny Brown in 2016 with his Atrocity Exhibition album which I had found out that Danny Brown is definitely one of the most odd, unique and animated rappers right now, it was an extremely entertains album and Danny always knows how to make an appearance on a track. This album seems different in my opinion, he seems more serious about his art on this album especially through the lyrics, the production seems more refined and also more serious. The overall sound of the album in my opinion isn’t anything different from albums in the past from Danny but there has been an increase in skill and that is very clear to hear, but it is hard to specify what kind of sound this album has because all of the songs sound different in one way or another, I would really say that this is good rap music. Now I’m not the biggest fan of Danny but I do respect him as an artist and I always listen when he puts music out but I do think the reason why I like his music and why I keep listening is his voice, his voice is extremely unique and very different from whats out now and what has been out, he also is a great lyricist in the sense that his word play is tip top, rhyme scheme is insane, and the fact that he can actually rap. For the most part I like all these songs, they are all produced greatly, the lyrics are super entertaining as well, one song in particular would be the second song titled “Theme Song” and the reason why I like this song so much is because of how low key it is, the subtle violin the back, light percussion, the quiet chants from A$AP Ferg, and the lyrics, all of these mixed together just make the song super enjoyable but like I said I really like the majority of the songs and if you are interested then go ahead and listen to this, I would strongly recommend this album and plus the album cover is super dope, it reminds me of something you’d make in word art on an old school computer with the mixtures of color but thats my perception. I’d rate this album a good 7-8/10, the album has very high moments and it also has times where certain songs don’t match to the rest of the album.

Short week this week and a late upload, from what i see with the music releasing this upcoming week i guess that this next post wont be long either but the year is coming to an end soon and we still have a lot of work to get into, albums from Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar?, FKA Twigs, Rex Orange County, Lil Yachty, and many more so look out for these posts when those albums release because you already know that these reviews are real, authentic, original, and unbiased. Thank you for reading and let me know what you think and as always like, comment, share, and follow. See you when new msuic drops alter htis week.

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