Post #19, September 23, 2019: The EMMANUEL-EP Post

This is the only release from last week that caught my attention so this post is going to be about Ameer Vann’s EP that released Wednesday the 18th titled EMMANUEL-EP. I didn’t know that he still made music after being kicked out of BROCKHAMPTON, I am very curious as of how he is doing after all these allegations against him about a year ago and I want to see what he’s been doing as far as music goes, lets get into this post.

EMMANUEL- EP by Ameer Vann

In about May of 2018 BROCKHAMPTON had announced the departure of Ameer Vann due to multiple women coming forward and accusing the rapper of sexual misconduct, he of course denied any incident of this happening but thats what happens, there is an accusation and an immediate denial but during his time in BH he was definitely one of the more entertaining acts in the group in my opinion because hearing the first SATURATION and hearing Ameer coming in on the first song super aggressive made me a fan right off the bat, but after a year an a half of silence, we get a small EP from Ameer and I really don’t know what I was expecting, for the most part I love all of it except the last song “Plastic” but in the song “Emmanuel” we hear Ameer doing his thing and being really aggressive but also talking about what life was like for him when he got dropped from BH, he talks about losing everything and everyone, being depressed, almost committing suicide, and he also talks about his upbringing and how he is a product of his father and the type of household he lived in as a child, I assume that he is saying that these things are why he is the way he is today. Another song that I really like is the next song “Pop Trunk” because well the beat is really nice and I also like how he flows on the beat, its all really nice but again he talks about suicide and his mental health as of right now, mentioning “voices in my head” so its easy to say that he’s really been going through it since the accusations. A reason why I like when he raps is because he is very dark with it, when he raps he talks about death, murder, suicide, all of these dark aspects of a person which is entertaining to me, whether or not its for entertainment, he still gets very personal on all these songs. “Glock 19” is also another song where he talks about his mental health but the next song is what really caught my ear, its called “Los Angeles” and he raps about losing a lot when he moved to L.A., like his friends, his innocence, himself, although the beat is hard hitting, he still talks about some real things on here which is nice because he’s being entertaining and real at the same time. All of these songs have a deep meaning whether it be from his mental health, his life after BH, how he handles depression and dark thoughts, etc. I really like this little EP and I am excited to see what happens to Ameer next, another thing is that just because someone is accused of these things doesn’t mean that they don’t make good music or deserve a second chance because everyone can change. I would rate this a 7/10 just because the last song doesn’t really rock with me and the second to last as well “Sunday Night”, its alright but not as good as the ones before hand.

I am excited to have done this post because I was curious as of what happened to Ameer but after listening to this its good to see and hear that he’s still making music but it is concerning because of the amount of dark things he talks about on almost all the songs. In the next few days we have another recommended post which will be fun because these are two artists that I haven’t really heard of before so i’m interested in making this upcoming post. With all that being said, if anyone has anything they’d like to recommend then reach out to me, like this post, comment, shared and follow, thank you so much for reading, see you again in a few days.

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