Post #18, September 21, 2019: Top 10 Favorite Album of all Time

Lately we’ve been having weeks where not many people release music and due to that I make post like these where I list some of my favorites or worse liked music of the year or all time, etc. I didn’t plan on doing them all so close together but since not many people are releasing and i have to find something to post about so why not do these lists, so with that being said this week is dedicated to my favorite albums of all time. These albums are albums that I listened on my first time, fell in love with it, and continue to appreciate and feel the same way to this day, these albums gave me or continue to give me an emotional or mental connection to the artists and the music, is special to me in one way, the albums that I have listed are some of the best albums I’ve ever heard, through the lyrics, concept, artistry, background, creativity, and one of the more important features to me, production, I absolutely love an album with great production and you’ll see what I mean in this list. All that needs to be said is said so lets get into this post, also, it might be a rather long post like most of the listing posts are. Starting with number 10.

3001: A Laced Odyssey by Flatbush Zombies

In the number 10 spot we have the album 3001: A Laced Odyssey by Flatbush Zombies. Not many people know of the Flatbush Zombies but I had found out about them sophomore year of high school, I was in a class and I was looking for new music and I stumbled across this and coincidentally it had just released when I found it and when I listened to it I realized that this was an album that was something special. Starting off with the artists, Flatbush Zombies are made up of Erick the Architect which produces lot of the tracks on here and raps also, Zombies Juice, and Meechy Darko which is my favorite of the group, the three of them come from Flatbush, NY hence the name Flatbush Zombies. I have always saw the Zombies as one of the most psychedelic, creative, and most animated group in rap, once you hear their voices on this album you can tell why I feel this way, their voiced stem from being vibrant and super animated (Zombie Juice) to low-key, laidback, and just chill (Erick) and all the way to dark, sinister, and hypnotizing (Meechy Darko). The album is great to me because I like relatively darker sounding music like cloudy, atmospheric, psychedelic type beats and sometimes dark lyrics or dark vocals and this album covers a lot of that especially the song “Fly Away”, now the song is only 2:30 and is very short in lyrics but in the song we have Meech saying “Say hello to Satan, once you cross the bridge, Screams’ll turn to whispers, fighting in the mist, I do not belong here, I think they clipped my wings, Uncertain, Unstable, do I even exist” this is one of the most dark and bone chilling hooks I’ve ever heard and the beat adds to it, this song isn that long but carries an important message in the life of Meechy Darko, its sort of self explanatory in my opinion. Not all the songs are like that but they are all relative in a way or two, they all have a very laid back vibe to them which is one of the main reasons why I love this album, its not too hard on the ears, I can press play and just relax. 2/3 of the Zombies are very experimental in drugs or were at one point and you can tell that they were especially in the making of this album because they talk about it a lot but I would definitely say that this is stoner music, very laid back, very chill and trippy, its just a great listen in general and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good listen. On to number 9.

IGOR by Tyler, The Creator

In the 9th Spot we have the album IGOR by Tyler, The Creator. I talked about this not too long ago and why I think its my favorite album of 2019, I really enjoyed this album and I continue to enjoy it for very obvious reasons. This goes back to when I talked about how I love production, this album uses a plethora of synths and it isn’t a shock that Tyler is a stranger to synths, Tylers been using synths since, forever, but one of the best things about this album to me is what Tyler did with his voice, on the majority of songs he either pitched up or pitched down his voice so it would fit better with the song and at first I wasn’t feeling it but I totally got used to it and I love it, we got a very small portion of it on Flower Boy his 2017 album. IGOR to some is an album of this fictional persona named IGOR and his journey to find love after constant rejection, this makes a lot of sense when you really listen to what Tyler says in a lot of the songs, the song “A Boy is a Gun” is a good example of this and it could also be important to Tyler’s life, who knows? I have a lot of respect for this album because on Flower Boy Tyler had produced, written and arranged a decent amount of the songs on there but on IGOR it was mainly him which shows the amount of creativity this man has, and it is easily shown in the music. The artistry on this album is very noticeable and Tyler continues to prove why his music is different from others, I don’t think anyone can really make an album to this extent and how he uses his talent of producing to create an absolute masterpiece. All of Tyler’s albums have gotten better in one way or another release after release which makes me think, what will happen next time? because if he follows the pattern then we should get something better than this, or completely different but I believe that different is great when it comes to Tyler. Ive went into more depth on this album when I talked about it for my top 10 of 2019 so far so if you want more depth into my thoughts then you can go there or ask me about it, on to number 8.

Imperial by Denzel Curry

In the 8th spot we have the album Imperial by Denzel Curry. There is so much about this album that makes it what it is, first let me say that Denzel is top 5 for me and if you don’t agree, go listen to this album and come back and give me your opinion, this is the album that made me feel the way I feel about Denzel, this album has hard hitting songs like “ULT” and “G**k” and it also has very relaxing and laid back songs like “Zenith (feat. Joey Bada$$), Imperial is really just an entire vibe, I can press play and lay down and just listen which is one of the biggest things about why I like the albums I like. The 10 song album is the second album from Denzel following the 2013 release of Nostalgic 64 and Imperial shows us that the somewhat undeveloped rapper can still make great music without having his skills perfected, he was still very new into the rap industry around the time of this release and his skills were still raw and you can hear a little bit of it on the album but his next album is when his skills are founded and utilized to his “ultimate” (<—If you know you know) advantage. Sometimes when you enjoy something so much you can think of the words to say to express yourself and thats how I feel right now, I find this album being one of the best I’ve ever heard and one of the most impactful albums to me, it just came out in a time where I was still trying figure out who I am as a person and I think this album helped me in a way, the aggressiveness of Denzel rubs off on me and gives me some sort of confidence and a stronger mentality, sort of like a “I don’t care about what people think” mentally so that why this album is very special. Another reason is the feature from Rick Ross, Denzel being a new rapper at this time and getting a feature from Rick Ross, a Florida legend, gave me more respect for Denzel and I also really like the song that they are both on. I think Imperial is his second best album, there is another album by him I love and it comes a little later on this list. On to number 7.

If You’re Reading this It’s Too Late by Drake

In the 7th spot we have the album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late by Drake. I understand that this is technically a mixtape but I am still putting git on the list because I see both of them as projects that the artist put hard work into, for my listings and reviews there isn’t a big difference but I know in the professional world there is a difference when it comes to like sales and contracts. This project is my favorite from Drake, then its What A Time To Be Alive but the reason why this project is one of his best in my opinion is that when I really started to get into rap and hip hop, that was around that time that this released so I had the time to experience it when it came out and also it has a lot of classics on it, like “Legend”, “Energy”, “Know Yourself”, “Preach (feat PARTYNEXTDOOR)”, and “Jungle”. This project has supplied all of us with some of Drakes music when it was at its peak. The sound of this project is relatively darer than most of his work, they overall tone of a lot of the songs are charismatic and “careless” with a little bit of cockiness and I see this because, well, in “Legend” he talks about how he has solidified his name in the industry and is loved by so many people that if he were to die he’d be a legend so I definitely think it’s one of his more confident projects. Its also one of my favorite because unlike More Life where its a mixture of a whole lot of different types of Drake like his dance hall sound and RnB sound or like Views where there is a lot of slow Drake, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late has 95% of the songs being “rapping Drake” songs so songs where he’s rapping and not singing or vibing to a tropical type beat and I think Drake is best when he raps because thats where he does his best and I also think thats what the majority of his fans like the most. I really just love the whole aesthetic of the project, when I listen to it, it just takes me back to 2015 where I didn’t have to worry about so much. On to number 6.


In the 6th spot we have the album ? by XXXTENTACION. Let me start off by saying Rest In Piece X. XXXTENTACION while he was alive gave us two albums, 17 & b and I love 17 so much but ? just made feel so much more different than 17 made me feel, ? is a very appropriate title for the album because we get tracks on here that are a little bit of rap, a little bit of pop, rock, RnB, and even latin, and its hard to say what the overall sound is when it has so many sounds, it really is a little bit of everything and the same thing applies to the features, its very diverse project, there is Travis Barker on here, Joey Bada$$, and Rio Santana just for example, all 3 from different genres. I have a lot of appreciation for this album and the artist because I feel like through his music I have generated this emotion and mental connection with him and of course the music, I love it so much because his music basically showed me that it was okay to explore the mind and mental health also to pay attention to your own self and making yourself better in all aspects. It is expected to get some of the different types of sounds on here because of some of his influences, his influences range from rock, metal, RnB, and to rap, maybe more but thats what makes him so much more different than almost everyone that was coming up around the time he came up, its because he wasn’t afraid to step outside his genre and with him doing that, we got great music. This album gave us some of the biggest songs of the last few years like “Moonlight” and “SAD!” and broke a lot of records and really got his name up there with names like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Drake, and Post Malone just to name a few. Skins his first posthumous album got a lot of concerns like how it was “unfinished” and how “X wouldn’t want this”, it got a lot of praise and a lot of complaints, I personally loved it and thought it was absolutely amazing for what it was, if he was alive then it would have been different perhaps but there is no way telling, its just best to enjoy the music he gave us when he was alive and to continue to remember the genre breaking artist XXXTENTACION. On to number 5.

To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar

In the 5ht spot we have the album To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar. I really do think that this is his best album and is one of the most artistic in sound and meaning and creative albums of the last 10 years. The jazz funk influence Kendrick has and uses on this album is so amazing, it comes out strong in the fist song “Wesley’s Theory” with all of these funky and jazzy influenced sounds. A lot of the songs on here have a very important message behind them, one in particular and my favorite Kendrick song of all time is “How Much a Dollar Cost (feat. Jame Fauntelroy & Ronald Isley)”, this song does such a good job at really giving the listener the perspective of someone who has money and someone who doesn’t and what the real value of a dollar is, also the greed that comes with money, its overall a great song and gives a good perspective on a real world issue. Ive been saying this for years, its about why I think Kendrick is the best rapper of this generation, I think he’s the best because of his voice, now let me elaborate. This is noticed on all his work but were going to talk about just this album, he has a wide range of voices he uses in him music like his normal rapping voice, a deep undertone voice like on the song “u”, an aggressive tone like on “The Blacker the Berry”, a very fast and animated tone like in “For Free? (Interlude)”, A very soft tone on “Complexion (A Zulu Love)” and a storytelling tone of voice on “How Much a Dollar Cost”. So if you listen to all of these songs you can see just how versatile his voice is and how it fits the beast, because most trappers just let the beat carry their voice but Kendrick does the opposite and lets his voice carry the beat because its more dominant than the beat, it gives the track and personality and gives it a story. This album is perfected to the smallest detail and thats why I love it so much, the attention to detail is very important when it comes to music because if you don’t pay attention then there is room for error and problems, Kendrick pays great attention to whats going on with this music and what his goals are and meets them. Its just overall a great album, if you haven’t listened it for whatever reason then I highly recommend it. On to number 4.

TA13OO by Denzel Curry

In the 4th spot we have the album TA13OO by Denzel Curry. This album was in a tie for my favorite album of 2018 also it is one of my favorite albums of all time and also my favorite conceptual album of all time. The general concept of this album is that it is broken down into 3 acts, Act one which are tracks 1-4, then Act 2 which are tracks 5-9 and Act 3 which are tracks 10-13 and each Act is separated in “Light”, Grey”, and “Dark” so Act 1 are tracks that have a upbeat, lighthearted sound to them, they are also just very relaxing and fun tracks, then Act 2 has darker sounding sounds which is predominately in the beat and a little bit in the lyrics but more so in the way he raps, he gets a little more aggressive in this Act. Then in Act 3 we get the Darkest tracks hence that its the “Dark” Act, we get the most aggressive Denzel of the album, screaming, growling undertones in his voice, “metal-rap”, all that good stuff. You can also tell a difference in the names the songs like in Act one there is a song named “TABOO”, the title track, then in the second act we have a song named “SUPER SAIYAN SUPERMAN” then in the last act we have a song named “BLACK METAL TERRORIST” so you can easily see the “different act” them the album has when it goes from light to dark. Also the album can be talking about this character named TABOO because in the first song he mentions that TABOO is a person but thats up to the listeners take on the music. One of my favorite parts on the album is in the song “SIRENS (feat. J.I.D)” and its Denzel’s final verse and to me it starts with “Donald Trump, Donald Duck, what the f**k is the difference?, Now we stuck in a rut ,this ain’t what I envisioned, What is what? What is guts when you don’t have intuition?, Not a saint, not a sin, tell me whats my real religion?, Genocide, Genesis, they say its a new beginning, Im a sinner you a sinner, I can see the devil grinnin’ damn”. I really just think that this is one of the most real verses I’ve ver heard. The whole album is like this, the production on this is some of Denzel’s best, the writing process is the best of his albums, and the message is clear and the album is just easy to listen to. Definitely one of my favorite albums of all time and if you haven’t listened to this album then please listen to it and get into Denzel, he is definitely very underrated. On to number 3

ASTROWORLD by Travis Scott

In the 3rd spot we have the album ASTROWORLD by Travis Scott. This album was the album that tied with TA13OO as my favorite of 2018. To me this album met the high expectations so many people put on it. A major reason why this album is number 3 on this list has a lot to do with the aftermath of the albums release, all the accolades that came with the album, the grammy nomination, the successful tour (leg 1 and leg 2), the documentary, the merchandise, the shoe releases, etc. all of these things factor into why I love this album because of all the exposure it had, like everyone knows what ASTROWORLD is. Another thing I love about it is the amusement park theme to it but to me its almost like the theme of it is an amusement park but on a different planet, on Astroworld, a lot of the song names could also be names of rides in an amusement park, “STARGAZING”, “CAROUSEL”, “NC-17”, “ASTROTHUNDER”, so many if not all of the names sound perfect for amusement park rides. If you know me you know that Travis is my favorite artist, not only because his music is the best but mainly because of how I feel when I listen to it, especially this album, when I press play and hear the spacey sounds that “STARGAZING” has, it almost puts me in a mindset that i’m being transported to this place called Astroworld and through the album and everything that came with it, its easy for me to imagine this as being a real place, through the music and I love that about this album. The realistic backstory behind this album is amazing as well, Six Flags Astroworld was an amusement park in Houston where Travis would go to as a kid and for him to recreate those memories and make it into an album shows just how creative the mind of Travis Scott really is. The overall sound is like I said, an amusement park, or. roller coaster, it has its highs (SICKO MODE) and its lows (R.I.P. SCREW) not saying that the lows are bad, but more so relaxing compared to all the other crazy festivities around it, ASTROWORLD is a fantastic album and I can’t wait to see what Travis does next. On to number 2.

Days Before Rodeo by Travis Scott

In the second spot we have the album Days Before Rodeo by Travis Scott. Just like If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, I understand this isn’t an album but its a mixtape, it all counts to the same thing in my opinion and for this post and my ranking, I will rank it as an album. This is the oldest album on this list being released in 2014 and I sill listen to it every day, songs like “Mamacita”, “Drugs you should try it”, “Skyfall”, well I’m going to be honest, all of the songs will always be nothing but hits, this entire project is good and is enjoyable to me and so many others, sometimes I find it hard to pick if this is my favorite of all time or if the album in the first spot is my favorite. This releasing after Owl Pharaoh I feel like really increased Travis’s name in the rap industry, T.I. had mentioned not to long ago that the response of this project was almost like an act of rebellion and I see that, especially on songs like “Zombies” with the hypnotizing hook throughout the song basically chanting out in a rebellious way. Travis is one of the craziest artists out now and i’m going to be real, you haven’t lived if you haven’t seen “Mamacita” live in person, that is top 3 songs in my opinion and seeing it live really just gives you a different meaning to so much. This projects sound is all over the place, all I can really say is that the sound is RAGE, nothing more, nothing less than pure rage, if you haven’t listened to this project then highly recommend it, it goes crazy like in songs “Mamacita”, it gets chilled out in “Drugs you should try it”, and it even gets fun and charismatic in “Backyard”, so I would definitely give it a listen if you haven’t before, definitely worth it. On to number 1.

Rodeo by Travis Scott

In the first spot we have Rodeo by Travis Scott. WOAH, Travis in the top 3 spots! all I can say is that this album has impacted me way more than anything, this album has comforted me, showed me a better way of life, introduced me to new sounds, I really owe everything that I do today to this album, my love for music especially. I try not to be biased towards Travis when it comes to these reviews but I haven’t heard anything better than Rodeo, ever, this still remains the best album I have ever heard and my favorite album of all time. But why? its more so the mental and emotional connection that this album gave me, around the time this released in 2015 I was a very sad person and one night I had stumbled across the video of “Antidote” on youtube and after watching it, it literally made me so happy and intrigued with Travis and his music, that curiosity led me to this album, after listening to it I had gained this confidence that I previously didn’t have but thanks to his music, I had found this confidence and appreciation for myself and really so much more but thats the big reason why. Rodeo gave me that love for production because not only are more than half the songs over 4 minuets which is relatively long for songs but the production on all the songs are amazing, from the introduction from T.I. and dark atmospheric undertone on “Pornography”, to the last minute of “3500” when the beat is broken down instrument by instrument to give us hypnotic piano sounds, to “90210” where we get the most beautiful beat change in any song, in my opinion, to the intro to “Piss on Your Grave” which gives me a slow rock and roll vibe then leads into the most aggressive song on the album, then to the haunting and bone chilling sounds “Impossible” gives us, then landing on the sensational keys mixed with a base line used on “Apple Pie” to give us a vibrant and upbeat track to finish the album (non-Expanded Edition), then with the Expanded Edition we get two new tracks that are just as excellent as the 14 before it. The production on this album goes above and beyond on every track, it really is a precedent for good production. The overall sound and feeling of the album is pretty much just what the title is, a Rodeo, Rodeos are crazy and pack full of hyper moments, just like the album. I love this album so much, listen to it every day and just like the end of every other review on this post, I highly recommend this album and if you have any questions about it then please ask, id love to share more thoughts about this album.

This was probably my favorite post to make because these are all album that I love so much and I am glad that I could share them with all of you, thank you for reading and I will be coming back shortly to give my thoughts on a new album that released this week that I was excited to do and ANOTHER recommended post, if you have any albums that you would like to share with me then let me know and ill listen to it and give my honest opinion about it. Thank you for the time to read all of this, like, comment, share, and follow, show some love oaths post and let me know what you think, see you back again real soon.

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