Post #17, September 16, 2019: The Time Will Tell & The Impossible Kid Post

I am excited for this post because its my first recommended post which means that the albums i’m going to be talking about have been recommended for me to listen by someone or some people which I would love to do often so if anyone has anything they want me to listen to and to talk about that would be great. In this post we have 2 albums that were recommended to me so lets get into these reviews.

Time Will Tell by Domani

The first recommended album I will be doing is an album titled Time Will Tell by artist Domani. I will start this off by saying that I’ve never heard of Domani and when I did my little research on him I had found out that he is the son of T.I. which is somewhat of a good first impression because T.I. to some is one of the greats so seeing his son rapping is a great thing to see and this Time Will Tell album is his 3rd album in his discography, this released not to long ago either, June 7th, 2019 was when it was released and after listening to it i’m surprised it didn’t come across my path initially. The sound of this album is very unique because it talks about the life of Domani and how its been being the son of a very famous and important rapper, the highs and the lows, more so the lows on this album are what stick out which is good and humbling to hear with someone from a famous family. One thing I love about this album is the fact that Domani is 18 years old and the way he raps and speaks shows that he is well beyond his years and is very wise, also he has a great ear for good music. The production on this album is very high and has a certain sound like “Classical” sounds, like a lot of piano and violin which are great instruments to incorporate in music because it shows sophistication in my opinion. When I had listened to this for the first time I came up with the thoughts of this album being true art, having real lyricism, originality, and messages and I still think that way when listening to it for a 3rd time, I especially agree with it being true art because the way he raps is to portray a message, a deep and at times a dark message through his words and emotions, thats why I feel that he is using rap the way it technically should be used, as an art form. A highlight on this album for me is in the first song titled “A Poem I Wrote” and its a line that states “I could knit a perfect sweater and still say it could be better” and I love this because it shows just how down on himself he is and how a lot of other people in the world nowadays are. But I really and genuinely like all the songs, I can listen to this album on play without a lot of skips but towards the end of the album is where the “grey area” is and thats the songs that are there but don’t necisarnaly stand out, but they are still good, not as good as the ones before. Some songs have a real aggressive beat like “Time Will Tell” and some have a real slow, deep and meaningful beat and message behind it like “Im Not Ready” but the majority of the songs are really great, I am very impressed by his talent and potential for his age, I would recommend this highly to anyone, this album is great and is very well done also this was a great and enjoyable first listen for me. After all of this talking and explaining, I would rate this a good 8/10 or 9/10.

The Impossible Kid by Aesop Rock

The next recommended album for me to listen to is an album titled The Impossible Kid and it is by Aesop Rock. I had heard of this album when it released in 2016 and I heard people talking about it and talking about how great it was and I had listened to one song on here and that was “Mystery Fish” and I didn’t think too much of it at first except that Aesop is very lyrical, very witty, and that a lot of the bars went over my head, but coming back and listening to the album all the way through I’ve came up with more thoughts and opinions on the album. Aesop raps with such a passion and always has a story to tell on these songs like for example on the song “Blood Sandwich” he explains this whole story of what is his childhood was like and towards the end of the song he mentions how he hasn’t been in contact with some of his family so this song tells me that through out his life he has gotten more distant with them and is realizing that he should be there with them which is a great concept and message. The type of sound this album has reminds me of vintage video games, and I feel this way because some of the beast just have funky sounds that sound as if they were sampled or inspired by vintage video games, another thing that this album made me think of is the TV show Rick and Morty, just the vibe it gives off is enough for me to think this and a little has to do with the cover art, like it could be in an episode or something. This is a very impressive album as a whole but the lyricism, word play, double entendres, and wittiness are enough for me to be satisfied, but with all of things in play I wouldn’t say the album is the best for me because it isn’t typically what I like, for an album its amazing, one of the better written albums I have ever heard but the style of Aesop and the style of rap he uses just isn’t for me, its for someone, just not me. I would like to say while I was listening to this album that the song “Shrunk” really caught me off guard because the beginning is just really attention grabbing and it does stand out for the rest for me because the lyrics in the very beginning. Lastly, you can tell that there was a lot of time taken to make this album because the production level is very high and the type of lyricist Aesop is is the type that really takes time to write and make sure everything makes sense and ties into together which isn’t something that everyone does today but when artists do do this its very easy to tell because the sound is perfected and taken serious. I would rate this album probably a strong 7/10 mainly because it just isn’t my style of rap, I probably wouldn’t come back to this album but if he released an album I would listen to it.

Thats it for this recommended post and if you have an album that you think I should listen to then let me know about it and I will post about it, any artist and any genre, with these types of reviews I don’t mind what it is. New post will be coming Saturday when we get new music but as always, if you liked this then leave a like, comment, share, and follow, do anything and show some love. Thank you for reading, see you in a few days.

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