Post #16, September 14th, 2019: The Worst Albums of 2019 So Far Post

So since we didn’t have many interesting releases this week I have decided to do a follow up post from 3 post ago where I talked about my favorite albums of 2019 so far, so I will be posting my least favorite albums of 2019 so far, the criteria of the albums are relatively the same for all my reviews and those are, does it make me feel good?, does it keep good energy while maintaining a good sound?, is it overall a good song?, is the production good?, etc. Some of these artists I really don’t like and I’ve tried to have an unbiased opinion while doing this and I think I did a good job at it. As a disclaimer, just because I don’t like the album doesn’t mean I didn’t like some songs off the album. Lets get into this post though, I will be starting at number 7 and working my way down to number one which will be my least favorite.

SAVE ME by Future

In the 7th spot we have SAVE ME by Future. This is in my 7th spot because it really wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. The 7 song project from Future is generally a slower more dark themed project from what we normally get from him, in a way it was also more personal but as a Future listener his music has always been hit or miss with me, I only like DS2 and the self titled FUTURE album, anything else is either before I was listening to this type of music or is just not good in my opinion, I definitely think Future fell off heavy but when he releases music I always listen to it because I want to be impressed but i’m almost never impressed. This album just wasn’t it for me, the sound just isn’t that good, it sounds really thrown together like it was a last minute project, sounds unfinished, sloppy, not mixed well, etc. It comes in at 7 on this list because despite me just not liking it, of the 7, I do think it portrays some sort of message which is pain, hurt, dark times for future which is easily noticed within the first 2 songs. I would rate this an overall 5-6/10. On to number 6.

The Life of Pi’erre 4 by Pi’erre Bourne

In the 6th spot we have The Life of Pi’erre 4 by Pi’erre Bourne. Im going to start this off with a question, have you ever listened to a song and thought to yourself “wow, this artist would be great on this song”?. Thats how I feel with this whole album, every song I just wish Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, or Young Nudy would come on but its all Pi’erre sadly. Pi’erre is a great producer and this album got a good amount of love from the people I’ve talked to, I love his beats I think they are totally different but when he raps he just doesn’t bring anything new, its almost like another Uzi or Nudy or Carti which isn’t fun because we already have them, we don’t need another. The only song I like is “Poof”, I just like the beat and the sound which is all that is given to me with this album, the beats excel the artist. I would say that there are too many songs for such a boring rapper, if he is going to give us this content then shorten the songs and make some of them different and add features, those are the changes i’d make to this and the cover art is my least favorite because its just purple, thats it. Overall I would give this a strong 4/10 maybe a light 5/10. On to number 5

Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD by Future

In the 5th spot we have Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD. Its not looking good for Future this year. This is the second entry for Future on my list and I don’t think I’ve been so disappointed with an album that I was anticipating like this, maybe The Big Day by Chance the Rapper but this album overcomes Chance by a little bit, also there isn’t anything worse than having high hopes for something then it not being like how you expected because it was hyped up. All I can really say is that as a majority, the songs are just boring and don’t supply much for me. Songs like “Call the Coroner”, “Crushed Up’, and “Unicorn Purp (feat. Young Thug)” are very enjoyable for me because thats the Future I want, thats the Future that I think everyone wants. Like I said in the SAVE ME review, I basically want to like Future but sometimes I can’t because the music he makes just disappoints me at times which is sad because he used to make such great music but like I said before, I think he fell off hard. Also a problem that I had was that he had Travis Scott as a feature and the song wasn’t good, most songs Travis is on are really good so thats how I knew it just wasn’t for me. I would give this a strong 4/10. On to number 4.

Long Live Mexico by Lil Keed

In the 4th spot we have Long Live Mexico by Lil Keed. I really enjoy Young Thug but not so much to where I need a clone of him, thats what Lil Keed is, a Thugger clone. I had heard a lot of noise about Keed and decided to listen to this project and I was extremely confused as of how he sounds so much like Young Thug, I tell people that when I heard Gunna for the first time that I thought it was Young Thug and this is why I think Thug is the most influential of this newest generation. I really only like one song on this album and thats “Rockstar (feat. NAV)” and its only because NAV is on it, I really like NAV as an artist. This project just doesn’t do it for me mainly because his sound is unoriginal, he’s boring, and that most of it just doesn’t sound good. If you’re a fan of him then thats good, he’s just not for me. I would rate this as a good 4/10, also the cover art is confusing to me because I just had a hard time trying to understand the theme of it. On to number 3.


In the 3rd spot we have MISUNDERSTOOD by Yung Bans. Yung Bans is just boring in my opinion, his music just puts me to sleep when I listen to it and also in a way I lost a lot of respect for him because of the track titled “Ready Set Go” which features 03 Greedo and a late XXXTENTACION, this song is the definition of using his name to generate hype and plays, X doesn’t have a verse nor does he sing a hook or chorus, all that there is is a voice memo in the end of the song, the feature wasn’t needed at all and im sure it was added as an act of remembrance for X but to most people they see it as a hype generator. As a whole the album is very unexciting, lackluster, and just plain boing. His style of rapping is different I’ll give him that but just like Lil Keed, its just not for me, its for someone, just not for me. one good thing that I’d give this album is that the cover art is fun and a little out there, but also thats probably why the title is MISUNDERSTOOD, because I don’t understand it one bit of it. Id rate this album a strong 3/10. On to number 2

The World Is Yours 2 by Rich The Kid

In my 2nd spot we have The World Is Yours 2 from Rich the Kid. If I could put the first The World Is Yours on here I would but i’m limited to only the 2nd one but Rich the Kid is my least favorite rapper literally of all time, he just doesn’t make good music whatsoever except his two singles “Plug Walk” and “New Freezer”, those are the only two songs from him that I like, I think if he hops on a song then the song automatically loses its value by a lot, there is nothing good about this album except the cover, maybe, and when I listened to this I put all my feelings about him to the side but I wasn’t surprised by what I heard the first time, it was terrible. I had talked to one of my friends and he even said that he fell off hard and I would agree immensely, but he was on top for a short minute then fell off hard. I don’t have much else to say except that

Rich Forever 4 byRich The Kid, Famous Dex & Jay Critch

In my number 1 spot for my least favorite album of the year we have Rich Forever 4 by Rich The Kid, Famous Dex & Jay Critch. Rich The Kid back to back, I really think this album is terrible, nothing more nothing less than terrible. Rich The Kid doesn’t give us anything new and neither does Famous Dex, Jay Critch is the only one in their group who has some sort of potential or talent, I would say that Jay Critch needs to leave these 2 because I feel as if they stunt his career growth. Some things that i’d change on this album would be the beats, the approach of the songs and album as a whole, the skillset of the rappers on this album, originality, and really just countless things. I just think Rich The Kid and Famous Dex are boring rappers and their “new” artists on this project don’t bring anything to the table as far as entertainment, energy, and creativity. This is my least favorite of this year so far and I really think that its going to take a lot to be worse than this but we still have 3 months to see. I would rate this a very generous 1/10 because I don’t want to be mean and not rate it at all but if I could do 0/10 I would in a heart beat but Im in a good mood today so i’ll be generous.

Thats it for this post and I want everyone to remember that these are my opinions, if you have anything to say then comment or contact me and let me know what you agree with or disagree with, id love to hear your thoughts or if you have a list I would love to hear that too. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to like, follow, share, all that, show some love on this blog. A new post is coming in a few days and its going to be my first recommended post which means that some people have recommended that I listen to albums and give my thoughts so if you also have any recommendations and would like me to listen and post about it just let me know and id be happy to do that, thank you all again and ill be back in a few days with a new one.

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