Post #15, September 7th, 2019: The Hollywood’s Bleeding, Mirrorland, and K-12 Post

This week is an exciting week for music because we have albums from Post Malone, EARTHGANG, IDK, Shoreline Mafia, etc. but intros post we will only be talking about 3 albums that I’ve been looking forward to for a while, those are Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone, Mirrorland by EARTHGANG, and an alternative artist named Melanie Martinez with her new album K-12, im super excited to get into this review so lets get started with this weeks headliner Post Malone.

Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone

So normally with these posts, in the matter of a day I have to listen to these albums 4-6 times so I do a lot of listening throughout my day and by the end of it I generally form an opinion because I don’t go off my first listen opinion because I need more listens to get used to it like for example at first I didn’t like IGOR by Tyler, the Creator but after listening to it a few more times it ended up being my favorite of this year, but with all of that being said, I didn’t really like this album at first, but now after my 5th listen I really like it and I think its another great album from Post. Hollywood’s Bleeding is really just typical Post on here, nothing totally new, production is amazing as always, songs are well written, Post Malones vocals are gorgeous as always like it isn’t anything new, he does that shake thing with his voice which I think it just amazing and is one of the main reasons why I love Post Malone and it has the same Pop/Rap sound that his last 2 albums had and the sad/heartbreak songs as usual but I do think its an album not to be taken so seriously but to really just have fun with and to enjoy for what it is and what it is is just a typical Post Malone album. My favorite songs on here are “Hollywood’s Bleeding”, “Saint-Tropez”, “Enemies (feat. DaBaby)”, “Allergic”, “A Thousand Bad Times”, “Circles”, “Im Gonna Be”, “Sunflower”, “Internet”, “Goodbyes (feat. Young Thug)”, and “Wow.” and the 5 I didn’t list just aren’t for me especially “Die For Me (feat. Future & Halsey)” which from what I hear is getting some good reviews but it just wasn’t sounding right for me because I’m not the biggest fan of Future or Halsey but there is one song I didn’t list and that is “Take What You Want (feat. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott)” and I didn’t list this because this song trumps all the others and is possibly my favorite Post Malone song and possible one of my favorite of 2019 for so many reasons but to start off saying that Ozzy’s vocals in the beginning are just bone chilling, it starts off with an Erie guitar playing then it leads into Ozzy with very great and strong vocals, Post does his thing as always and delivers a fantastic verse and the same thing with Travis but my favorite part is the last minute with the electric guitar solo, if you know me you know that my favorite instrument is the guitar and thats any guitar, I just love this part and its the best part of the album. Other great parts of the album are in the song “Hollywood’s Bleeding” the last minute is great because the breakdown the beat has ads a lot of dramatic feelings to it and it sounds fantastic with posts voice. In “Enemies (feat. DaBaby)” its nice to hear DaBaby use somewhat of a new style of rapping and a different approach compared to what he normally does on a song. Another is on “Circles” and how it makes me feel, I get strong “Falling Down” vibes from it and I believe its because it has similar beat patterns and also a slow start leading right into the beat but I also think it sounds great, another favorite of mine. I do think this is an amazing 3rd album from Post and I wouldn’t be surprised is it moved a lot of units and topped the charts, also I would rate this an honest 8/10 or 9/10 because it sounds amazing and I am just so impressed with Posts vocal range on some songs and it is very entertaining, as always. I have more to talk about but I do have to cut it short so I can get into other albums but if you feel the same or are looking to just discuss this album you can comment or email me your thoughts.

Mirrorland by EARTHGANG

I am quite familiar with EARTHGANG, signed to Dreamville, from Atlanta, this is their 3rd album, 2 guys make this group up and their names are Johnny Venus and WowGr8 (left and right on cover art). They were featured a lot on the Dreamville project released a month or so ago and thats where I got the most exposure from them but I had first listened to them a year ago with their Rags-EP and I thought it was very different and very entertaining, so I went with what I heard on Revenge of the Dreamers III and a little from before that to form some sort of expectation with this album because I was really looking forward to it, I was very surprised when I pressed play. A lot of people say that these two resemble Outkast with the way they rap, their style and sound and I can definitely hear the influence in this album, they both just ooze creativity and it shows on this album especially the first 2 songs “Lala Challenge” and “Up” which had came out a few months ago on Youtube as a video of a live performance of them two performing this song (“Up”) and I fell in love with this song, its just so fun and entertaining, there is a lot going on through out the song. These two coming from Atlanta and not having that “typical Atlanta sound” is refreshing, they have a very different sound compared to others from Atlanta, its very bright, vibrant, out there, etc. basically it is very attention grabbing. Some of my favorite songs are the two I listen above and “Top Down”, “Bank”, “Proud of U (feat. Young Thug)”, “This Side”, “Tequila (feat. T-Pain)”, “Trippin (feat. Kehlani)” and “Wings”. One song that sticks out for some odd reason is “This Side” and there isn’t anything special about the song but that it’s super calming, I listened to it numerous times and it just made me feel so peaceful and blissful so thats why its one of my favorites but all of these songs I listed stand out in a way and that way is that they release difference, originality, and creativity and thats all I could ask for nowadays. I would rate this album an 8/10 for numerous reasons, the production is spot on, the different flows they have are original and not forced or reused, the feature list is impressive and not too complex, the cover art is creative and attention grabbing, there are parts where they are harmonizing and singing a little and it sounds absolutely fantastic, there are a lot of reasons to why Mirrorland is a great album and those are the majority of them but I was definitely impressed and it exceeded my expectations very much.

K-12 by Melanie Martinez

I am going to start this review off with a little back story. So about 3-4 years ago I was scrolling through Youtube and found a video titled “Cry baby” I watched it out of curiosity and I was amazing with what I had seen, I thought it was one of the most creative videos I’ve seen in a while and that lead me to some of her other songs but not all of them, I forgot about her until 4 months ago where I stumbled across the same video and it gave me the same feeling all over again which led me to her music again, she only has one album and thats the one she released 4 years ago, Cry Baby, I fell in love with this album and couldn’t stop listening to it for weeks because my favorite type of music is generally darker, conceptualized, creepy in a sense, cloudy and things of that nature and that album is alternative but it was heavily conceptualized and had darker twists on most songs which I thought was genius and what she did with the songs was amazing to, she had made separate music videos for all the songs but they all came out at different times to tell the story of the character in the album named “Cry Baby” and thats where this album picks up. K-12 is a continuation of Cry baby and Cry baby’s journey growing up and attending school. Like I said I love conceptual albums, TA13OO by Denzel Curry is my favorite conceptual album and Cry Baby and K-12 do such a great job at starting with a direct theme and sticking to it all the way through but the things that make K-12 a great album are that the songs are super catchy and well put together, the structure of the songs and her vocals are gorgeous, and also the creative process of this album is wonderful because along with the music she released a full length film to go with it so she is definitely one of the more creative artists I follow and pay attention to. For the most part I can go through this album with no skips, “Strawberry Shortcake” and “Recess” are probably the only two that I don’t totally like but the rest are amazing songs, I have been keeping up with this album for a while and read that she wanted to have more of a “hip hop sound” to it and you can sort of hear it but if her idea was more 808s then she achieved it but I don know if thats “hip hop” most genres nowadays use 808s but I did get what she meant and also she wanted this to “have a darker overall sound than Cry Baby” and I can hear it a little in more than half the songs. Not most people would think that I listen to her but this is a Music Blog, not just Hip/Hop & Rap, that is the primary genre I talk about but I do like to explore to other artists and other sounds and if you want to as well I would strongly recommend this album. I would rate K-12 a 9/10 because again I think it was structured in a great way, you can hear the effort and time that was put into it, the production is amazing, concept is not forgotten at the end, it goes all the way through from start to finish and its clear, I have a lot of reasons but I don’t want to be here all day listing them but I think K-12 is an amazing album and was well worth the 4 year wait wait

Not a busy week this week but it definitely was a very creative and musically pleasing week, all 3 albums to me are great and will more than likely make some sort of list either my favorite of the year or my honorable mentions list. I have nothing bad to say about these 3 albums we talked about, I think all 3 are amazing in their own way because they are all different in sound but all of them have something that make them amazing like Hollywood’s Bleeding has that normal Post Malone sound to it and that really makes it fun, carefree, and entertaining because of the type of music he makes but “Take What You Want” is just beyond amazing, thats definitely a highlight for this week, Mirrorland is flowing with a large amount of creativity and originality and I excited to see what they do next as far as music goes and K-12 has a very fun and overall creative sound to it and much more that I all ready went over but again these 3 are all great albums and I can’t really pick a favorite this week, all 3 are my favorite. If you agree let me know, if not then still let me know, comment, like, share, do anything and don’t forget to show some love, I do these because I think its fun but if someone could show a little love it would be much appreciated. I am excited to come back next week or maybe sooner with an update or a new review for you. Thank you for reading.

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