Post #14, September 2nd, 2019: The We Love You Tecca Post

Following Saturdays post which was my top 10 favorite albums of 2019 list we had a release on Friday from Lil Tecca titled We Love You Tecca which is his first major project, since this week we only had one release that interested me then i will only be doing this and i’ll just give my normal overall thoughts because i’ve had the weekend to soak it in and really listen to it. Lets get into this review.

We Love You Tecca by Lil Tecca

I don’t think i have a whole lot to say about this Tecca album accept that what you see is what you get, and what i mean is that there are some songs that he had released before this project that make an appearance on this album so those songs gave us the general sound of Lil Tecca and the thing is that he doesnt have a sound that i havent heard before, its generally the same thing as almost everyone coming up now but he does have something about the way he raps and uses his voice that makes him a little different and addictiv to listen to. I have one problem with the album We Love You Tecca and it isnt that i have a problem with Lil Tecca but when artists do this thing on their albums and that is, putting already released songs on their projects and not new songs. Out of the 17 songs 7 of them had already been released and that leaves room for 10 new songs, but he had teased a lot of the rest of the songs so that makes room for just a small handful of songs that are brand new, so thats my one real problem with this album and just newer artists nowadays, and example of this comes to mind of where i think its appropriate, Sheck Wes and his album Mudboy that released last year had his breakout single “Mo Bamba” on it, thats fine with me because its one song that had been released already but when it gets to 7 songs then there isn’t much room for new and authentic content and in this industry if you don’t have new content then you’ll lose the attention. For the most part i really do like this album because it has a good sound to it, nothing totally new because originality is dwindling in this new era of rap music but it is a weird feeling i have, i really like Lil Tecca and his style because although it doesn’t seem totally original, it does seem different which is good to have but the sound on this isn’t anything serious, its a really upbeat, fun, and happy sound, its high in energy almost all the way through and speaking of “all the way through” i really judge if a project is good or not if i am able to listen to it from start to finish with not skipping anything and thats how this album is to me, when I do these reviews I listen to the album so I can give an authentic review and I’m 9 songs in without skipping or having the urge to skip which is a good sign towards my final judgment. One problem that I have with artists that blow up is that most of them have so much potential and don’t use that blow up to their advantage, “Ransom” came out and he let it ride for a minute and he released this album which is what I mean by using that to his advantage, he took a couple months and let “Ransom” do its thing and climb the charts then released this album which is the perfect time to do so and to solidify his spot right now, Lil Nas X did the same thing with “Old Town Road” and his 7 EP so I really like when artists take advantage of their blow up to get bigger. My final thoughts are that I really like this album, I think its a really good first album, he has a lot of room for growth in rap and his personal life, he is only 16 so if he makes it in this industry and stay relevant for a long time then sure that his sound will only get better and he is another artist that I am excited to see grow and I can’t wait to see what he does next as far as music goes, I would give this album a solid 8/10 because its just a fun album, I enjoy it a lot and honestly can’t stop listening to it, it has great energy, nice beats and very enjoyable melodies and harmonies. Very good first album from Lil Tecca.

This upcoming week we have some nice releases from Rap artists and Pop/Alternative artists, come back in a couple days for post 15 to see who I talk about, thank you for reading this and as always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns just let me know through the comments or my social medias, thank you for being here and please share these posts with someone, anyone who enjoys music, writing, or just someone in general. Post #15 will be on either the 6th or 7th depending on these releases.

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