Post #13, August 31, 2019: The Top 10 Albums So Far Post

This week we had one real album that interested me which was We Love You Tecca by Lil Tecca which I will be giving my full review about it on Monday but for todays post I thought i’d switch it up and give my list of my top 10 albums of 2019 (so far). This will include rap and other genres and I will give just a brief explanation of why I feel that its in my top 10. My main criteria is the meaning (if it has any), the energy it gave me or still gives me, artists musical history and comparing the album to others, production, entertainment from the album and my re-visits to the album since its release, thats about it for the criteria, there may be more but it’ll just be smaller things. For this list I am going to be going 10th to 1st.

BAWSKEE 3.5 by Comethazine

Starting off in my 10th spot I have chosen BAWSKEE 3.5 by Comethazine and my reasoning for this is that although I loved this album greatly, I just liked the 2nd one more and that one is on this list too. This has gained a lot of play value from me and according to an app I have that shows the stats of my play count and time, I have listened to this for 13 hours since its release so that really shows my love for this album but there were songs that ultimately tied into me not liking it as much as BAWSKEE 2, but on the other hand a good majority of the songs tied into me loving the album. Ive listened to a lot of albums this year of different genres and for this to come in at 10th makes it a strong project from Comethazine buts its downfall were just some songs that I wasn’t completely feeling. The sound is the typical aggressive, angry, rage sound Comethazine has in most his music which is what makes me come back each time so nothings changed with the sound except the production which got better form previous projects but like I said, it was just 4-5 songs that I wasn’t liking so much. On to number 9.

Willow by WILLOW

In my 9th spot we have the album Willow by WILLOW. My reasoning for it being my 9th spot was hard because this was an album that I really enjoyed when it had first come out and I stubbled upon it by surprise and I definitely was surprised by what I had heard. This Alternative album is full of nothing but a creative sound, unique sound, and original sound, it is different from most things I’ve heard this year and in fact its probably the most different thing I’ve heard this year, but the reason why its 9 and not higher is ultimately based on its competition as you’ll see later on in the post, and the fact that a couple songs didn’t hit so well with me but it really didn’t matter to me because you can feel the creative energy this album puts out which is contagious. My favorite song being “Time Machine” which is about basically how willow sees her influences whom are all from the 80s-90s and wishes she could visit them through a time machine which is a very unique and fun little concept which I really appreciated, the album is great and recommend it is anyone is interested in expirimental and different sounding music. On to number 8.

OASIS by J Balvin & Bad Bunny

In my 8th spot we have the album OASIS by J Balvin & Bad Bunny. This was such a fun album for me when it came out, I absolutely adore this album and I really do think its one of the best of this year even though there is a language barrier, I still think its amazing. The reason its in the lower spots of my list is again based off the other albums on this list and also the language barrier, I don’t really know anything about what they are saying so I can’t really make any thoughts on a concept or the meaning if there is any, Im really basing my thoughts on the sound, energy, and the way they rap and for it to be on the list with only those affecting it really shows how good or an album it is to me, its such an enjoyable album to me because the sound just has such an upbeat and island sound to it which I always love with music. These two being the leaders of latin rap and making an album together just isn’t fair because its just too easy for them at this point, who wouldn’t want this album and who couldn’t enjoy this album its just really enjoyable. I also judge it on the play time or the amount of times I comeback to it and if I can play it through with no skips and I can say that this is one of the alums on this list that I can press play and not want to skip any song but it landed 8th for the reasons I listed before, language barrier and competition. On to number 7.

Father of 4 by Offset

In my 7th spot we have the album Father of 4 by Offset. Some of you may question this but to me it make sense on why it made my top 10 list, I really judge most of these albums more than just the music like for this one I judge it based on the context, overall message, and the artist. When the Migos announced their individual albums I thought Takeoff was going to have the best and it was better that Quavo’s by a landslide but shortly after, Offset gave us this, it was going to be named SetGala I believe but I think this approach was better because it looks like its an album for his kids and about his life, now, Offset isn’t conceptual at all but of the 3 in the Migos I do see him being the most practical and most versatile as a rapper, when he raps on this he actually has a message on most songs and delivers that message which is great to hear from him. This album has no skips for me except the last 2 songs, thats all, but of the 16 songs, 1-14 are no skips which plays into it making the list. When it came out I had learned very fast that this was a serious and meaningful album which should be taken with nothing but respect, thats why I love it so much. Before this I think people thought Offset was just a member of Migos and occasionally did his own thing but I think this really solidified his spot as being in his own lane because he actually has real rapping skills and abilities to flow effortlessly which shows on this album, basically what I mean is this, if each Migos member was their own artist I personally think Quavo would eventually be not important because he has no real rapping skill but would be sort of relevant because he’s entertaining, Takeoff would be popular but not so big because he isn’t big in the media, he would be known for his music without a doubt but since he isn’t out there he wouldn’t be as noticed in the public eye, and Offset would be the one who has longevity and would make amazing music and would go on to have a very popular career, thats how I saw all their individual projects as if they were solo artists. On to number 6.

Bawksee 2 by Comethazine

In my 6th spot we have the album Bawskee 2 by Comethazine. I really like Comethazine. This is the second entry for Comethazine and this entry is really about the impact this album had on me, and what i mean is this, i had heard of Comethazine in high school by a friend and i just liked him at that point but i didnt pay much attention to him, Bawskee came out and i though it was very different, high in enrgy and very entertaining but it still lacked a little to me like the production sounded a little cheap and very “dirty” as if it was made in 4 minutes on an old computer or software, but i still enjoyed it, then this came out and really changed the game for me, with better production, more enhanced vocals, better mixing, better cover art (because that plays a very small role in my list), and more entertaining lyrics this had boosted my liking for Comethazine from being an occasiaonal listen to being one of my favorites because it just wasnt anything i had heard at the time and i still listen to it almost every day and it was released in January. Its just so abrasive which is what i love to hear in music, it was just a super fun and very enjoyable album. On to number 5.

ZUU by Denzel Curry

In my 5th spot we have the album ZUU by Denzel Curry. If you know me you know i absolutely love Denzel Curry and this album just increases that love even higher. Now, TA13BOO being my favorite of 2018 alongslide ASTROWORLD it was very very unexpected when Denzel released this a couple months ago so soon after the relaese of last years TA13BOO, but i wasnt upset for new Denzel, i was ecstatic and listening to this album you can totally tell where the inspiration was while making this album, he is from south florida alongside XXXTentacion, Ski Mask the Slump God, Smokepurpp, Lil Pump, etc. coming out of that south Florida rap scene but is cleary one of the best in the new generaton coming up nowadays but is also very underrated. But the sound is clearly influenced by his childhood growing up in south Florida and the environment that shaped him because it has this very noticeable Floridian sound to it which is just entertaining to listen to and is why it landed number 5 on my list. This album is high in energy and is so entertaining and compared to his other work isn’t worse or better, its moderate but also very good as an album. Denzel as an artist can make some of the most aggressive music (which is some of my favorite from him) because he is influenced by some rock and metal and it shows in a lot of his music but also he is influenced by Florida because he makes some songs like “WISH” off of this album which i highly recommend, overall he is an extremely versatile artists and it is so noticeable on this album, i highly recommend this entire album to anyone who is looking for something new or different and if you do feel interested in Denzel i also recommend TA13OO which came out last year and is the best conceptual album I’ve heard. On to number 4

Revenge of the Dreamers III by Dreamville

In my 4th spot we have the album Revenge of the Dreamers III by Dreamville. There is a lot to say about this album and the biggest this is that it really is hard to talk about it now because there are so many people on it, and so many sounds on this album because its a record label album, a compilation album. Lyrical, enjoyable, fun, meaningful, amazing, light spirited, are a few things i can say about this album because well, its true, because this album has so many different sounds and artists i feel that there really is something for almost everyone, it has lyrical songs, slower songs, RnB songs, “real rap” songs, and very entertaining and hype songs, so thats really why its so high on the list because its versatile in the context that there is something for almost everyone but for me i think its amazing because of the collaboration from everyone, i had talked about this album in previous posts and if you want to see what i want to say about the entire thing go back to post # 5. One of my favorite songs after listening to this album and giving it time to sit and really make an impact to me is “Self Love” because Ari Lennox and Baby Rose jsut do such an amazing job through the duration of the song, its smooth, meaningful, very relaxing, and the verse from Bas is amazing, i have other favorites but this tops it for me, but yes, for more information you should go check out post #5. On to number 3.

ARIZONA BABY by Kevin Abstract

In my 3rd spot we have the album ARIZONA BABY by Kevin Abstract. The forefront man of the self proclaimed “Raps Boy Band” BROCKHAMPTON has his solo career and his career with BROCKHAMPTON and earlier this year he had released this musical GEM! in my opinion, i love this album so much, he talks about his sexuality, the struggles of growing up being gay, and so much more and its great to hear it all tied in through music, i really recommend this project for really anyone who’s willing to listen to it. ARIZONA BABY is very different in sound, its uniqe and very special in sound and meaning and i had gained a love for it very quick for those reasons. Its fairly simple in productio but there is almost always beauty in simplicity and thats how i feel on this, you can feel the effort put into this album and thats why its top 3 of 2019 for me. Its very beautiful and meaningful as ive said already but as we go higher on the list its harder forme to explain why its so amazing and its just easier for you to witness it for yourself. I can say that this resembles what “real msuic” woudl be with the incorporation of real in studio equipments and very strong and amazing voal patterns, there are just so many reasons for why this is a great and absolutley enjorable album. On to number 2.


In my 2nd spot we have the album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? by Billie Eilish. For the sake of room and having to switch to all caps im just going to say WWAFAWDWG because i think its easier and just a sidenote, I’ve noticed that a lot of these albums are all caps and its annoying ahving to type it all out but back to why this is my 2nd favorite of the year so far. Really, i don’t see that i need much explaining, if you haven’t heard this album or at least a few songs, really, where have you been, this in my opinion has been one of the biggest releases of the year and for obvious reasons, the production, vocals, style, theme, etc. are all 10s for me, it is just amazing in my opinion. It has such high energy and in some songs its sowed down and meaningful which I love and also the re-visitation I’ve had on this album is insane, I had listened to this album for almost 20 hours since its release so I’ve definitely gotten my listens out of this but also for someone of her age to be making music like this insane because it just shows the real and raw talent she has and its great to see and hear because before this i had only heard 1 song of hers and i really liked it and i went into this album only knowing that song and i was blown away by the songs on here and how they were all structured. All i can say is its amazing and if you havent listend to it yet, you should, and if you have, then you should know what i mean by, its amazing. On to my absolute favorite album of 2019 (so far).

IGOR by Tyler, The Creator

In my 1st spot we have the album IGOR by Tyler, The Creator. 32 hours, 1,970 minutes, 52 times i pressed play on this album, and 631 times i went to an individual song and played it, IGOR is my favorite album because of so many reasons but the main few reasons that stick out are that it was produced by Tyler and basically made by Tyler, the production is nothing close to what Tyler has made before or really anyone as a matter of fact, it is one of the most fun and enjoyable album sive heard since ASTROWORLD by Travis Scott and it really is just a grogeous album. Tyler is known for his insane usage of synths and there are a plethora of synths on this album which plays into it being such an amazing peice of msuic. I really think Tyler knew what he was doing with this album, I think he knew it was going to be an absolute masterpiece, like, i can see myself listening to this later on in life and still singing “EARFQUAKE”. There are so manay factors to why this album is number 1 and why its so great in my opinion because sonically its just easy on the ears and just gorgeous going in. IGOR is like this character Tyler has created throughout the songs on this album and his expirience with love and learing life. My last thing i’d like to say is that when i first saw that this was releasing i prayed that it would be amazing and when it released I didn’t like it so much but after 3 or 4 listens i really enjoyed it and appreciated it, i think why i didn’t like it at first is because i hadn’t heard anything like it before and had to get used to the insane sound I was hearing. Fantastic masterpiece from Tyler, its definitely and without a doubt my favorite and i think will stay my favorite for the rest of the year.

Thats it for my list and i will comeback later this year to give an updated list if anything releases and bumps any of these albums off the list or to a lower spot. I plan of doing my least favorite soon and possibly my honorable mentions of this year maybe in december. Monday i will talk about Lil Tecca and his album but until then, i hope you enjoyed this, follow my social medias, email me, comment, like, do anything with this, talk to me if you have any questions or concerns or comments about my list, if you have one id liek to hear about it, if you disagree let me know, if you agree let me know, share this post or other posts with somenone, thank you so much.

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