Post #12, August 23, 2019: The GINGER & Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs Post

Not a busy week for music this week, not many major drops but we have releases from BROCKHAMPTON, SAINt JHN, Missy Elliott, Jeezy, a portion of a deluxe album from XXXTentacions ? album but I am going to be talking about BROCKHAMPTON’s album GINGER and SAINt JHN’s album Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs because this is an artist and a group of artists that I’ve gotten to enjoy over the last year or so. Lets get into it starting off with GINGER from BROCKHAMPTON


I remember when SATURATION, their first album, had released and they sort of came out of nowhere with their unique sound, fast forward a little bit and the release of their 2nd studio album SATURATION II had shot them up higher on the mainstream scale and then to solidify that spot on the scale they released SATURATION III which finished the SATURATION collection and with these 3 out in only the span of a year they had proven why they are a serious group ready to make noise to the public. The group filled with Artists, Producers, Videographers, Directors, Editors, Photographers, Etc. has shown the public just how talented they are and with the “leader” of the group Kevin Abstract doing his own thing and releasing astonishing music of his own, it really shows us that they are here and making an impact, and fast. But with their 5th studio album titled b they basically go the same route they always go by making pretty experimental sounding music, they all experiment on this through their voices, flows, rhyme schemes, production style, etc. it just sounds like a very different album than what is being released nowadays but thats who BROCKHAMPTON is, they are very very different and okay with that. The thing with this album is that there sounds like there is more emotion put into it and that its way more personal than anything else they have put out, a great example of this is on song “DEARLY DEPARTED” because towards the end you can hear such a strong emotion behind Matt Champions voice and actually at the end you can hear him throw the headphones down in the booth and leave the booth, I guess thats what the sounds at the end are and this is a good thing to add in because it shows us that he really got into what he was saying because it was very emotional to him. For the most part I really really like this album, I think its wonderful, its fun, free spirited, and paints a good picture of youthful rebellion but thats what I think the group really portrays which is amazing to see nowadays. I would rate this album an easy 8/10 or possibly a 9/10 because you can hear the effort put in this album and the emotion as well as the energy this album gives off, the messages most the songs portray are included in my rating too. Great 5th album from BROCKHAMPTON.

Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs by SAINt JHN

Not many people have heard of SAINt JHN but I have heard of him for the first time last year with a song of his titled “McDonalds Rich” which I thought was a pretty good song and I just kinda listened to what he was putting out from time to time but now we have a full project from him and my real first time actually listening to him, he already has an album out but I never went and listened to it so this will be my real first listen to the artist SAINt JHN. All I have to say about this album is that its really just a whole vibe, nothing really exciting but its very vibe driven and very mellow/chill, there is not really anything special about this album, it has some good songs like “Wedding Day”, “Anything Can Happen featuring Meek Mill”, “Trap featuring Lil Baby”, “I Can Fvcking Tell”, “All I Want Is A Yacht”, these are the songs that I felt really stuck out as far as the vibe and energy go, these are great songs compared to the others. If there are a few things I can praise about this album it is that the melodies, harmonies, and wide use of his vocals are very impressive because some songs he’s singing the chorus or singing in a verse which is a very good thing to do because most rappers just rap and can’t sing but when they try its just awful so I really like that about SAINt JHN. The way he uses his voice is what I feel makes him stand out as one of the up coming artists because he doesn’t sound like anyone out now, but for some reason I just pictured Post Malone on a good amount of these tracks, not sure why but it made sense to me, that would be a good collaboration to hear in my opinion but he has found originality in an industry where thats almost rare. I would give this a solid 6/10 but there is something about the harmonies and melodies where its addictive so I might come back to this eventually. Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs isn’t a bad album by any means but it also isn’t amazing, its good, has great energy, has a great vibe to it but there is room for improvement with SAINt JHN and I am excited to see where he goes after this album, I will definitely see what he has in store with his future releases.

All in all it wasn’t a busy week this week but my favorite of the week should be clear, GINGER by BROCKHAMPTON is wonderful in my opinion and I will be revisiting this album throughout the week to listen and absorb it more. If you have any comments, questions, options you’d like to share you can comment on this post, hit me up on my email or social medias because I’d love to hear anyones opinion and also I’d love to have a good conversation about these albums or past albums. Thank you for reading.

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