Post #11, August 17, 2019: The So Much Fun, Control the Street Vol. 2, Floor Seats, and TTFMNT Post

This week we have some great releases, releases such as So Much Fun from Young Thug, Control the Streets, Vol 2. from the QC label, Floor Seats from A$AP Ferg, and Trying to find my next thrill from Cousin Stizz. I would say that this week is headlined by Young Thug and the So Much Fun album, by the way, what I mean by “headlined” is what album do I think is the most important of the rest of the releases, so since this is the headliner we will start off with this one.

So Much Fun by Young Thug

So Much Fun is okay. Ive listened to this album about 5-6 times already so thats why the post is coming so late. Now I do like a good amount of the songs on this album, also, this is his first Solo album which is confusing to me because he’s been putting music out since a little before 2011, everything after that was a Mixtape or Compilation album (Slime Language 2018). I have a lot to say about this album and about Young Thug. I sm going to start by gibing my thought on Young Thug being the most influential artist right now or of the last 3-5 years. 10 years ago it was Lil Wayne being the most influential and we can see that from artists such as Lil Skies, Trippie Redd, Future, etc. and all these artists look to Wayne in some way wether it be in sound, style, or way of life, Lil Wayne was the most influential, now its Young Thug and my support to this claim is that so may people are sounding more and more like Thugger. When I first heard Gunna I thought it was Thug, and Lil Keed sounds like a clone of Thug, those are two examples to give some clarity, Young Thug has used his voice to create such monumental sound thats inspired so many of the rappers we have seen in the last year or two, so thats why I feel that he has become the most influential rapper of the last 3-5 years. Now, with that being said, Thug has also been the most inconsistent rapper, him and Future. My excitement to a new Thug album or project is equal to my feelings when Future put out music, I know nothing Future puts out will ever be like DS2, Thug has more enjoyable music to me like projects like JEFFERY, Slime Season 3, Barter 6, On The Rvn, and I’m Up. These projects are when I feel that Thug has done amazing with his voice, cadence and his melodies. This album has a lot of highs and a lot of lows, songs like “Just How It Is”, “Hot”, “Light It Up”, “Whats the Move”, “Cartier Gucci Scarf”, “Circle of Bosses”, “Mannequin Challenge”, and “Boy Back” are the Highs of this album, these really have the Thug that I like and what I’ve noticed is that Thug is so versatile that everyone has a “type of Thugger” they like when he makes music and mine is when he doesn’t try too hard to make good music, when he’s natural with it because you can tell when Thug tries too hard. This isn’t a bad album, but it isn’t album of the year, its okay, its good. Id give this a 7/10 because most the songs are enjoyable but for this being his debut album (technically) he should have put more into it.

Control the Streets, Vol. 2 by Quality Control

I’m gonna be real honest and blunt about this album, the only things I like or enjoy are the cover art which is so so so dope, “Baby” with Lil Baby and DaBaby, most songs with Offset and thats about it. Quality Control is probably the biggest most popular record label now and they are popular for really all the right reasons, my opinion on this is their “starters” are the Migos, Lil baby, Lil Yachty, and maybe City Girls, these people are some of the biggest artists in the industry right now, and thats what QC does, they get some of the biggest and most hype in the game. But the volume 1 of this album was okay but lets be honest who’s going to sit through 30 songs, I struggled with Culture 2 and I still didn’t finish volume 1 of control the streets so you best believe that I didn’t finish this album. I refuse to listen to an hour and 45 minuets of QC artists, specifically the Migos, more specifically Quavo, I think he’s the worst in the group, it goes Offset, Takeoff, Quavo and Offset is first because of the 3 he actually can rap and make good, high quality music just listen to Father of 4 and you’ll understand me (one of my favorite of the year) but back to the album, I listened to about 75% of the album and I really disliked it, its not good at all, one good thing I love about it is the song with Lil Yachty and Tee Grizzly, it reminds me so much of “From the D to the A” and plus they make such a good pair when they rap. Anything besides what I listed in the first sentence and this Yachty and Grizzly song is just really bad to me, let me know if there are any songs i’m missing out but I really don’t think i’m missing out on anything. 3/10.

Floor Seats by A$AP Ferg

This is a short 9 song, 28 minute album from Ferg so this will be a pretty fast review. I actually really liked this album, it doesn’t really sound like anything else he’s put out but does have the experimentation that Always Strive And Prosper had but does sound different. Sometimes I find myself liking Ferg more than any other A$AP Mob member including A$AP Rocky because the aggression Ferg has behind his voice is enough to make me love what he puts out almost every time, Still Striving is my favorite album by him because almost all the songs fit that aggression i’m looking for in Ferg and plus, he has some of the best ad-libs in the game in my opinion. “Wam with MadeinTYO” is my favorite song on here and one of my most listened as of right noe because I love the collaboration between these two, I would love to see a project with these two (which has been teased). This is a good album to me because the first 6 songs are no skips for me but the last 3 are okay to me. Some things I love are the features from Asian Doll, Rico Nasty, A$AP Rocky and Brent Faiyaz, the simplicity behind the cover art, and the energy. Ferg has solidified his spot in rap as one of the most hype, entertaining, two sided, original artists. Ferg is capable of getting you hype and also getting you really thinking with his lyrics. I say this would be a 7/10 in my opinion but a pretty good album for the amount there is.

Trying to find my next Thrill by Cousin Stizz

I decided to talk about Cousin Stizz because Ive been listening to him since 2015 with his Suffolk County album and I’ve just loved everything he’s put out since that, he’s put out 3 albums including this one since then and I highly recumbent all of them. The Boston Native isn’t the most popular but definitely deserves more attention around his name, im not sure how popular he is in Boston but i’d assume pretty popular. I would have to say that the production level on his projects have increased each time he puts out music which is always nice to see but this album to me means that he may be having a hard time trying to find his next thrill, but by thrill he may mean sound and I think this because he may be trying to explore sounds and flows, it sounds like it on this album but I do think thats what he means by “Trying to find my next thrill” or, he could mean your next life thrill like your next enjoyable moment whether it be money, material items, a person to love, etc. because a thrill is something that brings you a short duration of enjoyment, but thats my opinion on what he means, but back to the album. I really enjoyed this album, tracks 1-6 are very good and “Toast 2 That”, “Beamin’ “, and “The Message” as well. Very solid album from Stizz and I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for someone else to listen to to have a good time or to explore into another persons discography, I would rate this as another 7/10 because there are some songs on here that just don’t do anything to me but thats the real reason why, I love the features, cover art, time, trackless, and shtick of the album.

This week my favorite album is So Much Fun by Young Thug or Floor Seats by A$AP Ferg, i’m not sure yet which one is the favorite but I do enjoy both albums, like I said, So Much Fun is okay but the songs I do like which are maybe 8-10 songs are songs that I really like. Solid week this week, comment or contact me with your thoughts on these releases, you opinions to what I said, and other comments or concerns about my thoughts.

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