Post #10, August 9, 2019: The Bumps & Bruises, “!”, Dirt Bag, and Spilled Milk 1-EP Post

This week we have main releases from Ugly God, Trippie Redd, Blueface, Bas, Rick Ross, and Lil Tjay, I just going to go over the first 4 I listed so Ugly Gods very long awaited Bumps & Bruises album, Trippie Redds “!” album, Blueface and his Dirt Bag mixtape and Bas with a very short EP titled Spilled Milk 1. This is my 10th post and I am very excited that I committed to 10 posts so far, many more are to come, but we will start with Ugly God and Bumps & Bruises.

Bumps & Bruises by Ugly God

Bumps & Bruises is the very very long awaited debut album from Ugly God who blew up in 2016 with his breakout single “Water” that gave a whole new meaning to “Meme Rap”, some time after the single he released The Booty Tape in 2017 and was probably one of the more memorable moments of 2017, in between then and now we have been teased with B&B several times and have been waiting for a release date, last month we were given a date and it was today and if there is anything about anticipated albums that you need to know, its that the longer you take, the more hype you build, and the more pressure you have to make sure your album is good and delivers, and thats what Ugly God does on this album, after about 2 years I was super curious to see where he was going to take this and how he has evolved as a person and an artist and I was very surprised to see that he exceeded my expectations greatly. Some of the things I love about this album are the simplicity of it, its not overdone and its also not rushed, you can feel the energy and the time that was spent on this, I love the beats which are mainly produced by Ugly God, and I love hearing “Thanks Ugly God” after 2 years. This is a very good album and compared to his other work this would be the best thing he has put out, I would say this is an 8/10 in all honesty, in the song “Hahaha!” the beat starts off with a sample from super Mario I believe? which is such a nice touch because of the person Ugly God is, a Nintendo fanatic. I have almost no complaints about this album, I really enjoy it and almost all the songs and I am excited to see where he goes from here.

“!” by Trippie Redd

This week we were given “!” by Trippie Redd with a 1 week notice before he released, about a month after the release of the lead single “Under Enemy Arms” which was popular for a minute but in my opinion was over hyped. I have a lot of questions with this album like where was he planning on going with it? because it sounds more Pop than Rap, Whats the Concept? if there is any, I was just a little confused listening to it, another concern is that I am not sure if he was influenced by XXXTentacions “?” album with the whole punctuation themed title, but since they were friends I wouldn’t be surprised if thats why, but to the music. We start off with track “!” the title track and it begins with a robot voice saying exclamation mark about 5 times then goes into this real nice Diplo produced track which “Wish” off of Life a Trip was also produced by Diplo and was one of my favorite songs but I really enjoyed this track because it has this real nice bop to it that reminds me of Americanized Carribian music like how Drake does but more Club influenced which is nice to me. The next 3 songs I don’t care for because they honestly just sound like filler tracks so I don’t have much to say, Trippie Redd talking about suicide isn’t anything new in his songs or trying to be motivational, so these songs aren’t new to me or stand out. Track 5 “They Afraid of You” attracts me most because it has Playboi Carti on it and thats about it. “Immortal”, the next track, really caught my attention in such a good way because of the way Trippie strains his voice, which is one of the things he is known for, his ability to sing a high note and strain his voice is what I love about him, I really like The Game on this beat as well, this so far is my favorite song on the album. Another single titled “Mac 10” featuring Lil Baby and Lil Duke is another part of this album that I enjoyed because its just what Trippie does, he comes on this track and does his thing, nothing more and nothing less, same with the features. I would rate this album an easy 4/10, I think its his worst work to date, the A Love Letter to You trilogy is at an end which is sad because the first one is my favorite of the 3 and Lifes a Trip, his debut album is still one of my favorite albums of 2018, ! is not a completely terrible album but I don’t think its nowhere near his best, at all.

Dirt Bag by Blueface

We were all due for a Blueface project sooner or later and now we have it. Dirtbag is his most recent project ever since his Famous Cryp album which had the viral song “Thotiana” on it that blessed us all with the wonderful lyricist that is known as Blueface, it is difficult to understand when someone is sarcastic while reading what they are writing but just to clarify, I was joking. But in all seriousness I kind of do enjoy this tape, the energy is high, he sneaks simplistic bars in his music, its very charismatic and you can feel his attitude, he has impressive features from Offset, The Game, Lil Pump, etc. Now, if there is anything I’ve learned from listening to modern day West Coast songs and listening to the sound of it, its that most the songs from a West Coast artist sound the same because the songs have a lot of the hard/funky 808s and a real hard hitting bass and a G-funk synth lead in the beat, that makes 80% of the modern day West Coast sound, and also the old school sound but the difference is that the production is more clear than it was 20-30 years ago. Blueface raps over these types of beats but a piano is thrown in the mix too which works for him but my question is, for how long? how long will it take for this sound to wear off with him, whenever YG puts a track out I already know what to expect and now I think the same from Blueface. I would rate this a light 5/10 mainly because the energy is high and he delivers some real entertaining music on this, thats all honestly, not bad but also not good, its mediocre.

Spilled Milk 1 – EP by Bas

Spilled Milk 1 by Dreamville’s Bas is released fresh off of the Dreamville project Revenge of the Dreamers III. Bas is definitely a very underrated artist, his Milky Way album last year was very good, I enjoyed it and thought it was well done and was a very impressive album as my first time listening to Bas. So going into this I wasn’t expecting much and thats what happened, I wasn’t given much literally, its a 4 song mixtape with nice production, nice features, great lyricism and thats about it honestly. My favorite parts of this tape are the features from EARTHGANG and JID, I was talking to a friend about how Earthgang is like the modern day Outkast and he saw the similarities which is nice to see people from Atlanta not fitting in with the Future, Migos, and Young Thug style of rapping, I would give this a 7/10 because although it isn’t much, it is kind of nice, nothing more and nothing less than what it is, which is a quick piece of music that is easily digested and easily interpreted.

My favorite this week was easily Bumps & Bruises from Ugly God, Trippie Redds album was okay, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from him and Blueface and Bas had nice EPs, really nothing I haven’t heard before from either artists but overall it was a solid week, we had no flops and ill comeback Tuesday to talk more about Trippie and his album because I want it to digest and sit with me and ill talk about a few singles that released this week.

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