Post #8, July 26, 2019: The Big Day, The Lost Boy, The Bawskee 3.5, The Sailor, and Para Mi Post

This week we have a lot of great albums to talk about, artists such as Chance the rapper, YBN Cordae, Comethazine, Rich Brian, and Cuco, I will be talking about these albums in this order. This week is headlined by Chance the Rapper with his debut album The Big Day which is highly anticipated and long awaited. Time to get into this review.

The Big Day by Chance the Rapper

This album has been very very long awaited and was very much worth the wait. Chance has always had this sounds that brightens people up and it shows in this album, the way he uses his voice and how he uses his words is something special, he uses a lot of clever word play and funny bars to make his point with this album but there are also a lot of very serious moments. This album didn’t really meet my expectations, I did expect a little more from Chance but because it is him and this is his debut I will let it slide and just enjoy the music for what it is. One thing I love about this album is the production, we have a lot of good production all throughout this album, chance always delivers some of the more better production in his music. One of my favorite songs off of this album is Hot Shower featuring MadeinTYO and DaBaby because I do like chance best when he makes upbeat and hype music because to me it just sounds better than most of his other work, and this song is very good, its funny and entertaining. Chance really did wonders with this album, it is gorgeous and you can tell that he put a lot of work into it which you dont see a whole lot of nowadays but what a great debut album from chance.

The Lost Boy by YBN Cordae

Next album we have a very special album from such a bright young artist, The Lost Boy by YBN Codae. I have a lot of thoughts on the album but first a little about Cordae. YBN Cordae is from a group called YBN which has 2 other mainstream rappers apart of it named YBN Nahmir whom was the first to blow up then YBN Almighty Jay who was the second to blow up, then Cordae who was last, but for sure not least, Cordae stand out incredibly from the other two because the other 2 are hype rappers, the typical rapper in todays rap industry, not really talking about much but providing an immense amount of hype, not much longevity, temporary to provide fans with hype, but Cordae, the last member to blow up in the group has such a baht future, he resembles a Chance the rapper and a J. Cole, he is very lyrical and provides very good content in a contentless industry, he delivers a conceptual album of his life and his struggles of feeling like the “Lost Boy” which is great to hear, Cordae has a lot of growing to do but for a first album it sounds like he knows what he is doing and is grown and mature, as a person he is very in tune with his inner self and mental state and expresses it in real life and with his music so I was definitely drawn into his music before this album which he has around 10 songs out and no other piece of work out so it was definitely a flow of high interest with this album. This album features Meek Mill, Chance the Rapper, Anderson .Paak, Ty Dolla $ign, Pusha T, and Arin Ray, and all I can say is that I was really impressed with the features because these are huge artists who are giving this young artist their approval basically which is great to see to happen to Cordae. I do think this album is one of the better albums of this year because he has a message and he portrays it in all of the songs, he has a message from family problems that he has to deal with growing up, to family deaths, to relationships, etc. For a first album he knocks it out of the park, he has amazing bars and witty lines as well, I can say that I can listen to this album all the way through with no skips, I ca go on more with this album and my love for it but I have to stop and go on to others. But great debut album, such an amazing piece of art.

Bawskee 3.5 by Cometazine

On to my most highly anticipated album of the last 3 months, Bawskee 3.5 by Comethazine, if anyone has seen my most recent posts you seen that I’ve been talking about this album for a while, every since the release of Bawksee last year I just fell in love with Comethzine’s music, then in January he released Bawksee 2 and it was way better than the first, the energy levels were so much higher and I love high energy in songs, thats one of the many things I like about music. The release of this album made me wonder if he could top his last album and sure enough he did, in my opinion. Now I can see a lot of people not liking Comethazine because he is non-lyrical, ignorant with his lyrics, talks about drugs, women, and murder, has vulgar lyrics and verbiage, but man oh man is he an entertainer. If anyone else did what he does for 3 albums in less than a year I would get bored of it but the delivery of how he raps and sets up his bars is just amazing, the energy is very high like I said before and his songs are and have always been very short like 2 an a half minutes or less, this album is 12 tracks and 22 minutes with no features long so very short for an album. He never lacks to provide some of the best entertaining music in my opinion and he is getting to become one of my favorites for his consistency because he provides nothing more or less that what he puts out, he doesn’t try to be a rapper that people want to hear, he does what he feels is right and it definitely works. Just like YBN Cordaes album, this one also has no skips, its just perfect in my opinion, I love it so much and it definitely lived up to my expectations, Great 3rd album in the Bawskee series.

The Sailor by Rich Brian

Next we have The Sailor by Rich Brian. I didn’t have much time of knowing about this album, I found out shortly that this was releasing so I wasn’t expecting it but since it released I chose to talk about it because his 2018 album Amen was enjoyable for me, I think Rich Brian is very talented and has a lot of potential but I don’t really hear a lot about him nowadays, but speaking of Amen, that was the last time I heard Brian’s music so I didn’t know what to expect in this album and I was shocked when I listened to this album. I am very heavy on production, I think Tyler, the Creator’s album IGOR is the best of this year because of the production and also for the reasons but production is one of the big reasons but back to The Sailor, the production was amazing especially on the track Yellow, it is very cinematic in my opinion, the theme of death is relevant on this album and seems to be that Brian has come to that point in his young life where its starting to be a thing to think about and how he should lie his life which is a thing everyone should experience but such a gorgeous track “Yellow” is, the violins at the end are some of the most gorgeous sounds I’ve heard in a while and the heavy Graduation Kanye West vibes on the next track “Kids” is very impressive. Rich Brian has shown a lot on this album and one of them is his growth since Amen which is very easy to see in his music, he has matured a lot with his sound and has a great sound as well. I am very impressed with this album, it is very good and I really do like a very good amount of the songs, “Yellow” and “Kids” are two of my favorites amongst the other great songs, but wonderful album from Brian, so much growth since last year.

Para Mi by Cuco

Lastly we have Para Mi by Cuco. One of the things I like about the Alternative genre are artists like Cuco and his insane use of synths, I love synths, back to talking about Tyler, the Creator, he has always used a lot of synths in his music even his Goblin days and thats who I think Cuco most resembles with his production style. The head singles from this album, “Bossa No Se”, “Feelings”, and “Hydrocodone” really gave me a feeling of what this will sound like and it was sort of like a slower, more focused on his feelings type sound and heavy production sound more than anything else and I was right. This once again is another album with no skips, I think it is absolutely gorgeous and very experimental with all sorts of sounds, such a great album from Cuco, and I believe it is his debut album. I honestly don’t have a whole lot to say because I feel that the Music is so good that I don’t have anything to really say except that it has an immense amount of synth leads in the beats, its sort of like a sad boy type energy to it and you can really feel all the energy that Cuco puts into Para Mi, I am so excited to see what else he has in his career because he is such a bright young artist who makes beautiful music. Some of my favorite songs really are all of them, I was about to list them all but I just listed all of them then deleted it and decided to say I like all of them because thats how good of an album this is. Cuco gave us a very experimental sounding album and I loved every minute of this 44 minute album.

That is it for this week, I was going to do Dum and Dummer by Key Glock and Young Dolph but decided not to because I didn’t want to go one forever with these reviews. Such a great week this week, I am very impressed with all this great music and can’t wait for next week and weeks to come.

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