Post #7, July 24, 2019: The Lion King: The Gift, Brandon Banks, and WILLOW Post

The Lion King: The Gift by Beyonce

So this post will be a continuation of my last post, I will be going over 3 albums that I listened to this past Friday, the 19th, starting off with The Lion King: The Gift. This is kind of like the Black Panther album that released last year for the Black Panther movie, I loved that album but this one, not so much, I love the features on this album and I love the sound, it has sort of like a Caribbean/beachy and very up beat sound to it which does set with the theme which is The Lion King which is based in Africa so I would assume that some African influence would be behind this album. Ive never really been a huge fan of Beyonce so I wasn’t too thrilled with this album, its nice but really not for me.

Brandon Banks by Maxo Kream

Next album we have is Brandon Banks by artist Maxo Kream, this is the first time listening to a Maxo Kream album and I wasn’t surprised nor was I disappointed. I have been seeing more and more of him the last year or two which is nice to see another person get the recognition they deserve and the success but the music was alright, nothing crazy in my opinion but some of my favorites of this alum are “Meet Again”, “The Relays (feat. Travis Scot)”t (for obvious reasons), “Drizzy Draco”, “3Am (feat. ScHoolboy Q”, “Murda Blocc (feat. A$AP Ferg)”, and “Still”, I like all of these songs because the production, or the feature, Maxo himself doesn’t really do a whole lot for me, it definitely sounds like he is recycling flows on this album. I would say for an improvement that he should switch up the flows and the usage of his voice and the tone of his voice, he should experiment with different sounds, all in all not a bad album, not for me but not a bad album.

WILLOW by Willow Smith

Last for this post is the album WILLOW by Willow Smith which I didn’t know released this week, or was releasing at all, I actually didn’t know she still made music honestly, but man, am I glad I listened to this album, I definitely think this is the best of this week because it is very experimental, slow, very melodic, etc. The entire album is just very calming to listen to, I personally like to unwind after a busy day by listening to very slow, calming music such as some songs from Billie eilish, Cuco, some songs off go IGOR, things like that and this album is perfect for me for when I want to unwind. I can easily say that this is an album with no skips, I can listen to the entire thing all the way through and to want to skip a song, its short and it gets to the point, its nothing more and nothing less than what it is supposed to be which is high quality music. Definitely my favorite of the week and may make my list for best of the year of the music I’ve listened to so far.

Thats it for this week and boy, do we have a good week this upcoming Friday the 26th, we have albums from YBN Cordae, Chance the Rapper, Comethazine, Cuco, Rich Brian I believe, and maybe some more I am coming to a blank but it will be such a great week this Friday, I can’t wait to post about what I think on Friday or Saturday. Until then.

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