Post #6, July 19, 2019: Track Update Post

I have not posted 2 weeks so I have quiet a bit to talk about this week. Today we had many, many releases and I will try my best to cover as many as I can starting with the singles that released throughout the week and then some of the albums.

First we have the newest single from Cousin Stizz titled “Perfect (feat. City Girls)” and my thoughts on this song are positive, the song itself doesn’t stand out as anything special but since I have been listening to Stizz for well over 3-4 years now I have grown to like all of his music, so this song is different from what he would normally make in my opinion, him and the City Girls both have sort of a charismatic, care free tone in their voices as if nothing really matters which is a good approach to a song, basically a lot of confidence. All in all a really nice track from both parties.

Next we have “Wam” with A$AP Ferg featuring MadeinTYO and I really like this song, I really enjoy Ferg a lot on this track and on a lot of his music, I definitely think he is one of the more talented people in the A$AP Mob and the reasons are clear. This song provides a lot of energy from both Ferg and Tokyo, Ferg and Tokyo are great collaborators and whenever they are on a song together I know it will be worth my time to listen to it because these are two extremely energetic artist and I will alway be there for whatever they put out, all in all it is definitely a great song and one of my favorites in a while.

This next song is from two artists that have been requested to work together for a while and for one of their first collaborations to be off of the Quality Control label album Control the Streets 2 is something special for not only the label, but the artists, the song called “Baby” from Lil Baby and DaBaby is a very charismatic, cocky, egotistic song and has this reoccurring theme of “Baby” which is very comedic in my opinion, this song doesn’t really provide much except a whole lot of entertainment and a lot of hype.

Next song is from Comethazine and it is called “Stand”, this is the second single since Just Sayin which I talked about when it released, this song is very weird in my opinion because there is no beat, it is just him rapping for just over a minute and a half with a very ominous hum every 20 seconds maybe. The lyrics in my opinion are just a little evil, but that is the type of music comethazine makes, he makes evil, murderous, and dark music with very loud and hype beats. The song doesn’t excite me at all but for some reason I am attracted to it, I am not sure why but it is what it is. Bawskee 3.5 releases this Friday and I will be here for it without a doubt.

Last but definitely not least we have tone of he Cactus Jack Ragers himself with a new single, Chase B with “MAYDAY” featuring Sheck Wes and Young Thug. This song is one of my favorite of this week because I am biased towards Chase B and Sheck Wes because of the affiliation with Travis Scott (my favorite rapper) and also because it is definitely and energetic song and has that mosh-pit feel to it, I can definitely see myself in a huge crowd jumping around to this song, and that is a great feeling to have when you listen to a song. One thing that does stick out to me is Young Thug, the way he raps gave me Days Before Rodeo vibes for some odd reason, no particular reason except just the way he rapped and sounded. This is a great track from Chase B and I heard that he will be producing an album which I will definitely be here for.

These little reviews are very fun for me even if no one sees them, I do them so I can express how I feel about the music I listen to, speaking of the music I listen to, there a so many releases almost every week and I made the choice to talk about ones that I either really want to talk about or ones that I thought to give a chance to, but also since there were a lot of singles that released this week I will be doing the albums on Tuesday and those albums will be Brandon Banks by Maxo Kream, The Lion King: The Gift by Beyonce and other artists, and WILLOW by Willow Smith.

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