Post #5, July 5, 2019: The Revenge of the Dreamers III Post

This week is a very special week because we have finally got the highly anticipated album Revenge of the Dreamers 3. This album consists of 34 artists, 9 of them being Dreamville artists, 18 songs out of 142 recorded songs, 27 producers, and a whole lot of creative energy. This is the 3rd installment of the Revenge of the Dreamers collection and hands down the best of the 3. We have artists from all across Rap and R&B. One of the main reasons I absolutely love tis album is because of the energy it has, while listening to this all I could picture was the small documentary Dreamville uploaded to youtube on Tuesday explaining the album and the recording process and all the collaboration behind this album, the energy this album puts off is just such a feel good, high, enjoyable energy.

Revenge of the Dreamers III by Dreamville

It is hard to pick favorites when almost all the entire album is amazing but if I had to chose, some of my favorite tracks with explanation would be, “Under the Sun” with J.cole, Lute & DaBaby, with a surprise hook from Kendrick Lamar, this is one of my favorite because sonically it sounds amazing with the sample in the beginning and throughout the rest of the track, everyone does their thing even Lute, an artist I’ve never heard until now which is also a nice sign because this album gives people that aren’t as popular or up and coming a huge platform to blow up and gain exposure. But everyone of this is rapping and just flowing so effortlessly even DaBaby, which is also amazing to see these two North Carolinians come together on a track, I am from North Carolina so I love seeing some of these people from NC on an album together.

Another song love is “Down Bad”, this released a little while ago, just before I created this website so I wasn’t given the right time to talk about this until now, this song features, JID, Bas, J.cole, EARTHGANG & Young Nudy. JID is my favorite on this track because his word play, cadence, and rhyme scheme is absolutely amazing, when he raps the line “Board of education vs brown, I was bored of education” and so on I thought that was some great word play. The beat is weird and quirky, I love it so much, it fits all of these artists especially Young Nudy who I’ve started to like because a friend told me to listen to him.

“LamboTruck” is another song added to this list and my explanation for my liking of this song is from a couple days ago so please check it out.

“Oh Wow…Swerve” in my opinion is probably one of my favorite because the beat honestly. The beat is just so chill with the little piano keys or synth leads in the back ground, its hard to tell what it really is but it sounds amazing. The first part of the song consists of J. Cole rapping an amazing verse that fits the beat perfectly, I don’t know who Zoink Gang is but they do a great job on the chorus, their voice just fits the beat and it rides very well. We go into the “Swerve” part of the Song with KEY! and Maxo Kream, we get a completely different beat, a more aggressive beat than the one before which is a nice change to the song and I really enjoyed the performance from both KEY and Maxo because their voices really made this part of the song a little more ominous than the one before, also it was a great touch to add JID in the outro.

I think this next song is top 3 off of the album. “Wells Fargo”. This is what I meant by the album having such a great energy, this track had such a strong contribution to the energy because the intro, chorus, and verses. The beat is upbeat and very fun and energetic, I really enjoy the beginning with all of them taking like they are in a play, it definitely sounds like they are in a Hip Hop/ Rap play. My favorite verses are from JID and Buddy because they both have the energy to make this track energetic, all honesty, everyone on here has such a ugh energy and it is easy to jump around to and feed off the energy, fantastic track.

Another top 3 songs would definitely have to be “Self Love” with Ari Lennox, Bas & Baby Rose. I normally don’t really like slower R&B tracks like this but this one just has such a soulful vibe to it, its absolutely easy to get lost in this song with the beat and Ari Lennox’s voice, im not going to exclude Baby Rose, her voice is just something so smooth but at the same time a little raspy, it is the perfect voice for this song. Bas provides a quick and very nice verse to really tie the whole song together, these 3 really did their thing oaths track, they all sound magical over the guitar strings in the background, I always have thought the guitar is the best instrument to have in a song and this song only makes me think more highly of that statement.

“Ladies, Ladies, Ladies” doesn’t have a whole lot to it but its special because its that song that you can just fall deep into because of the story telling from JID and T.I. they way they rap and the way the beat is structured with the distorted voice in the background is just so calming, this is just a very good song in my opinion, I had to throw it in here.

I talked about “Costa Rica” on the 2nd of July, my thoughts are in my 4th post along with “LamboTruck”.

“Rembrandt…Run It Back” is a two part song with JID and J. Cole in the beginning and they honestly do such a great job on this beat, this song had a snippet a little while ago and I was highly anticipating this song because I thought it was just so hard, the thing I didn’t expect was Vince Staples on the second part of this song, it was so refreshing to hear Vince Staples, I think Vince has one of the most unique voices in rap because its just so animated and vibrant. The thing that I think really makes this track come to life is the beat, its just so different and fits Cole and JID perfectly.

My last favorite song is definitely going to have to be “Sunset”, because I was surprised when saw Young Nudy on “Down Bad” so you could only imagine how surprised I was to see Cole and Nudy together on a track by themselves. I don’t have much to say about Cole because it would just be everything give said so far but the thing that really did it for me was Young Nudy, because it was just so surprising to see him with J. Cole on a track together, now m not the biggest Nudy fan but I really liked him on this song, and not to forget the production from Pyrex and Chasethemoney was great, I love seeing producers like them to be on such a highly anticipated album like this.

Songs I didn’t go over doesn’t mean. didn’t tike them, they just weren’t my favorites out of the 18 songs but I still really like all the songs. if I had to close this with one thing to say it would be that the drums on this album were amazing, they were perfectly done, I know J. Cole said he had trouble getting the drums perfect on “1985” his song off of KOD and this album has a lot of drums in it and I could only imagine the time took to perfect them. the is one of my favorite of the year without a doubt and I can’t wait to see what other people think of this album.

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