Post #4, July 2, 2019: Track Update Post

Getting right into it, yesterday, July 1st we got a quick release from Dreamvill with 2 tracks titled “LamboTruck (feat. Cozz, Reason & Childish Major)” and “Costa Rica (feat. Bas, JID, Guapdad 4000, Reese LAFLARE, Jace, Mez, Sokepurpp, Buddy, & Ski Mask the Slump God)”. Starting off with “LamboTruck” we have the chorus from Childish Major and at first I thought it was Childish Gambino just because of the “Childish” in the name but I have never heard of this artist and to have my first listen of him on the chorus of this Dreamville track is very impressive. Cozz is an artist I am somewhat familiar with, I know he is signed to Dreamville and has done the first 2 Revenge of the Dreamers albums I believe, but he delivers a very solid verse on this track just with the word play and the lyrics alone. Reason is another artist that I have never heard of but from the sound of his verse on this he is a TDE artist which is great to see on a Dreamville song/album, but his verse is something that I think really makes this track special because he is raping about plotting against J.Cole which I think is absolutely hilarious and genius, especially the parts where Cozz comes on and they are having a communication and rapping at the same time, the tracks beat is a dark and pretty grimy beat which are some of my favorite sounds. This is a very very good song, it is set up greatly and executed to perfection.

The second song Dreamville released yesterday was “Costa Rica” and I have been waiting on this song since January when a snippet of Ski Mask released of his verse on this song and it went absolutely viral, I am a very big Ski fan and to see him on a Dreamville album is something very special because he is a very lyrical rapper but he has fun with what he does, thats what makes him different from the people he came up with. But for a song with so many people on it is hard to keep up with but I felt that everyone had a solid verse even Guapdad 4000 on the hook, I have never heard of Guapdad 4000, Jace and Mez. The verses from Mez and Jace were very good for people I’ve never heard of and it definitely peaked my interest in them, but my favorite verses were from SMokepurpp because I at one point was a Purpp fan, JID because… its JID, he always does his thing, and obviously Ski Mask the Slump God. This song has such a great beat to it, it has that subtle (what sounds like a ) Spanish guitar, mixed with the high hats, claps, and 808s really sounds beautiful.

I am really looking forward to this album on Friday and will be doing a full review on it obviously, but speaking of Friday we are getting a new single from Post Malone which I am also very excited for because his last single was really enjoyable so I am looking forward to hearing what Posty has for us this Friday. One album I have been waiting for since it was announced is BAWSKEE 3.5 which was supposed to be released 2 weeks ago by Comethazine, but instead of the album we got a single called Just sayin’ and I havent been able to stop listening to it since it released, i really enjoy Comethazine and can not wait to hear the full album whenever it releases, other songs I have found to be some of my favorite recently have been “Tap” by NAV and Meek Mill, “Panini”, “F9mily”, and “Rodeo” all from Lil Nas X, these two Dreamville songs, and a couple songs from Study Case 01 from last weeks releases. Just to finish up real fast id like to say I think it is great that Lil Nas X came out 2 days ago, I think it was really out of nowhere and totally unexpected, I think he has a long and successful career ahead of him because the love he has gotten since the blow up of “Old Town Road” has been crazy, but thats it for tonight, until Friday.

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