Post #3, June 28, 2019: The Perfect Ten, Oasis, Ethernet 2, and Case Study 01 Post

For my first real week of writing about music releases we got a pretty good week this week. I like to use the word “headlining” or “headliner” for the project that I think is most important or most look forward to by myself and others. This week we have Mustard formally known as DJ Mustard with his album Perfect Ten, Then we have another personal favorite Wifisfuneral with Ethernet 2, Daniel Caesar with CASE STUDY 01, and one I was not expecting at all, Bad Bunny and J Balvin with OASIS. Just as a disclaimer I know more people from all genres release music and I do listen to these but I pick and choose some of my favorite of the week to talk about, but, others this week got Bandana from Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, Runnin’ Rich from Valee, Can’t Speak on it from Jaydayyoungan and Yungeen Ace just to name a few. Starting off we will talk about Mustards Perfect Ten album.

Perfect Ten by Mustard

When I hear “mustard on the beat ho” my mind easily goes to 2013 and 2014 because that was the time I feel that Mustard was really popping as a producer, this album was something I was looking forward to from seeing the track list last night, NAV, Playboi Carti, Roddy Ricch, and more on this album definitely caught my attention. When 12:00am hit I went right to this album and pressed play only to hear a rapper that strongly resembled Blueface in my opinion, but I liked this track and an opener, it wasn’t too much but it also wasn’t bad. Then we go into the lead single of this album “Pure Water” with the Migos which I think is a fantastic song, whenever I hear the first 3 seconds I have to turn it up. Other favorites would be “On God”, “Baguetters in the Face”, and “Ballin'”, but, one song that I strongly disliked was easily “100 Bands”, the reason is because Quavo just didn’t do it for me on this song, the beat was nothing special, and for a track with Meek Mill, Quavo, and YG I would love for it to be longer than just over 2 minutes, but, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this album except that it honestly was super energetic and worth the 32 minutes of my listening experience, but it wasn’t the best album, it was alright, songs such as the ones I listed above really made it fun especially “On God”, I always love hearing Rocky and Ferg on a tack, but all in all it was a good album.

Ethernet 2 by Wifisfuneral

Next up we have Wifisfuneral with Ethernet 2 and I have somewhat of a lot to say about this album, starting with the man himself Mr. Funeral. I discovered his music through XXXTentacion and have been interested in his music ever since, one of my favorites is Black Heart Revenge in 2017. When I saw that he made the XXL freshman list of 2018i was very excited to see where he would go from there and after dropping Ethernet then a collaboration album and then this album I would have hoped that he would be bigger than where he was last year but it doesn’t seem like it. I have alway thought that he had such amazing talent and could really do it all, such as he does on this project.I really enjoyed all of the songs on this project although 4 of them were singles it was still very good, it did seem a little under finished compared to the original Ethernet but for the album length I think it was very well done, it smooth, aggressive, a little emotional, it is a pretty versatile tape and I really enjoyed that from him. Although I haven’t been disappointed yet from any piece of work he has put out, I do feel that Ethernet was a better album than this, it is still very good though don’t get me wrong I just like the original better. I expect bigger and better things in the future from Wifisfuneral because he has so much room to grow and expand in music and also in life.

Case Study 01 by Daniel Caeser

Exploring into the R&B/Soul of this weeks releases we have CASE STUDY 01 from Daniel Caesar which I think is an absolutely gorgeous album, I have nothing negative to say about this album, only good and positive things. My history with Daniel Caesar starts with his album Freudian from 2017, I listened to this and was blown away because I thought that the production was top tier, the vocals top tier, the stories are top tier, everything about this and him are top tier in my opinion. One of my favorite parts of this album is the Pharrell feature on “Frontal Lobe Muzik” and especially the song “Superposition”, I think this song in particular is just gorgeous. This project from Caesar is very vulnerable and very in depth with emotion which I love from artists, not many people can make music that incorporates the right amount of emotion, but Daniel does this perfectly. I am excited to see how this album sits with me and more music from him.

OASIS by Bad Bunny & J Balvin

Lastly we have my favorite piece of work of this week and probably on my list for the better albums of the year, OASIS from Bad Bunny and J Balvin. I want to say that I’ve always wanted to explore into music from other countries and languages and because Bad Bunny has blown up recently I have been able to keep up with his music but for the reggaeton legend J Balvin, I only know him from my mom, she is a huge fan of his music. Now, I have no clue what the song names are, or the lyrics, I just absolutely love the overall sound this album has, the flows, the melodies from Bad Bunny and J Balvin, the beat selection, everything about it. The vibe this project gives off is such a bright, vibrant, and entertaining vibe in my opinion and the majority of the songs are upbeat and fun, I can easily say that I don’t dislike any of these songs and that they are all genuine summer bops and can easily be played at the beach. These two shared their collaboration skills on Cardi B’s I Like It which absolutely blew up everywhere, so when I saw that this album released I was very excited to give it a listen and I am not disappointed at all. I had fun to see what this week had to give and I love the work that was put out as well.

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