Post #2, June 25, 2019: The 7-EP, Delusions of Grandeur, Broken Kids Club, and The Life of Pi’erre 4 Post

So I will be posting hopefully every Tuesday and Friday, because Fridays are days that new music comes out and Tuesdays will be the days that I will discuss my overall thought on the week prior for music releases, what I expect for the week, what i’m listening to that is new, etc.

So to kick it off I will be going over what I think of this past weeks releases, but first a little bit about me, I am 19, I am from North Carolina and I have an absolute obsession with music, I have for a long time but it was not until 2015 is when I really became obsessed with it, I primarily listen to rap and hip hop but I like to go into other genres like pop, alternative, rock, etc. Travis Scott is my favorite rapper, I like all sorts of artists as you will see on this blog I and a very versatile listener.

7-EP by Lil Nas X

June 21, 2019 we got quite the releases this week from artists such as, Gucci Mane with his album Delusions of Grandeur, Lil Nas X with his 7 EP, Pi’erre Bourne with TLOP4, Craig Xen with Broken Kids Club just to name a few I listened to and enjoyed. I really enjoyed 7, TLOP 4 and Broken Kids Club, I like Gucci Mane but ever since his mixtape Droptopwop I haven’t been able to really enjoy a project of his. Lil Nas X broke out of nowhere with “Old Town Road” and literally became an overnight sensation, I was very excited for this little EP he has, I heard snippets of songs like “Panini”, “F9mily (you and me)”, and ” Bring U Down” and I ws impressed by the way it was structured and how it sounded, when this tape released I gave it a quick listen and I didn’t think it was bad for his very first piece of work, there is definitely room for improvement but all in all it was a good project, my favorite songs are “Panini” and “Rodeo” feat. Cardi B.

Broken Kids Club by Craig Xen

Next is Craig Xen with Broken Kids Club and I am very big fan of X or XXXTENTACION, I fell in love with his music about a year and a half ago around the time he started to blow up and through his music I found people like Bass Santana, Fly Boy Tarintino, Kid Truncks, Ski Mask the Slump God(another favorite), and of course Craig Xen. I have only really hear Craig from the Members Only tapes so I was happy to listen to a full body of work from him and my thoughts on it is that it is a very beautiful project, it is very revealing of his emotion, and goes deep into his mind and shows us just really how vulnerable and in tune with his emotions he really is. Favorite songs would have to be all of them because of how deep they are with his emotions even songs like “Run it back” feat. XXXTentacion because it shows so much aggression and the song “STAIN” feat. Smokepurpp & Ski Mask the Slump God.

The Life of Pi’erre 4 by Pi’erre Bourne

Finally we have Pi’erre Bournes The Life of Pi’erre 4, now I have only heard of Pi’erre from Lil Uzi Vert songs or Playboi Carti songs so I was interested in this project. I love the beat selections on this album I think they are very unique and well put together but my main problem is that whenever I hear a Pi’erre beat I expect Playboi Carit or Young Nudy or Lil Uzi and for them not to be on this project I think hurts Pi’erre, I’m not saying he can’t survive without them its just that it would have given him more attention because these rappers are household names. The album was alright I don’t have many songs that I felt were memorable.

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